04 1.6 Dual Mass Flywheel - notamechanic
I bought a 307 SW SE last year with an odometer reading of 19,791 When it got to its first annual service it had done 28,340 miles. On first service, in addition to the normal filters etc and 4 litres of particulatefluid(!) I was advised to get the flywheel and clutch assembly changed at a cost of £600 + labour. I have now read about problems with the dual mass flywheel so have contacted Peugeot who advise that because it hasn't actually failed I cannot claim under their warranty. Now this vehicle is a 7 seater and is often carrying children so I find the fact that they would like me to have an accident in their vehicle quite distressing. How can I deal with this other than by having an accident that I am trying to avoid?

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04 1.6 Dual Mass Flywheel - jonat127
Hope honestjohn doesn't mind but my recommendation would be to contact whatcar wchelpdesk@haymarket.com . They will give advice and may take up the fight on your behalf if they think you are being unfairly treated.