98 1.3 Engine cutting out, ICV/ Wiring loom - Erica

I recently bought a 1998 ka3. Only done 35k one prev owner and has every piece of service/repair history you could think of.

However, in the week i have had it its as stalled when the clutch is depressed 3 times when either stationary or changing down a gear. Having done some reading on here and other forums a common theory is the Idle control valve. I took the car back to the dealer i bought if from today, they road had it on a rolling road, ran all kinds of tests but couldnt find anything wrong. They did clean the ICV but i did this last week and it hasnt fixed the problem.

I have read that there was TSB issued for the early ka's, i havent been able to find a copy online i beleive its TSB 095/200.

Does anyone know how i could get a copy of this or get something i can take with me to the dealers if this happens again. I have got 6 months warranty on the car, problem is it came from a nissan dealership not ford so they are not familiar with the ford engine.

any help advice if much appreciated

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98 1.3 Help, engine cutting out, ICV/ Wiring loom - bell boy
ive cleaned idle control valves on these and it doesnt work always
ive also checked the switch on the clutch pedal
and i also remember screwloose mentioning the wiring to the speed senser on the gearbox
all these are possible and all need eliminating
98 1.3 Help, engine cutting out, Idle control? - Erica
Any more advice on this would be much appreciated.

98 1.3 Help, engine cutting out, Idle control? - elekie&a/c doctor
Here is an easy to do job that may do the trick.At the end of the Icv where the 2 pin connector is located , is some white silicone compound.Cut it away to reveal a large crosshead screw.adjust it either c/wise or anti c/wise about 1/4 turn at a time ,drive the car and see if there is any improvement.If it is worse,then the adjustment needs to go the other way.Worth a try.hth