Knightrider back on - Big Bad Dave
Just having a flick through tonight's telly and I notice Knightrider is back on. New pilot tonight on SciFi at 8pm. Val Kilmer taking over in the driving seat from The Hoff who does make a cameo so it seems.

Not sure what the car will be or whether it will be as camp as the 80s version

"Brace yourself Michael!"

It clashes with the new Wheeler Dealers series but is repeated on Thursday evening, filling the hole left by the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
Knightrider back on - Hamsafar
Oh dear, that's going to be such a disaster. Why didn't they just call it something else?
Knightrider back on - Kevin
>Not sure what the car will be..

A Toyota Prius?

Knightrider back on - Dynamic Dave
Val Kilmer taking over in the driving seat

Val Kilmer is only doing the voice of KITT (previously Will Arnett)

The car is a Shelby Mustang GT500KR
Knightrider back on - bell boy
its crazy man
oh thats mr T
Knightrider back on - DP
It's a good series. Well worth watching. I acquired it from a friend a couple of months ago and am working my way through it.

The car is lovely! Truly a worthy successor. :-)