02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - DaSpoon
Hi, first time here. Been reccomended that I'll get some good advice so here goes.

My Fiesta 1.25 o2 reg started overheating today and no hot air would come out of the blowers, even on full.

Unfortunately I was driving in a bit of an emergency so I had to keep going. Drove with the needle in the red for maybe 15 miles tops.

I'd had an overheating problem back in October and a local garage had a look and said something about my vents being clogged up etc so hot air couldn't get away from the engine?!?! Anyway they carged me just under a hundred quid for sorting that, putting some coolant in etc and the problem went away... until today.

Between then and now I've put a few thousand on the clock, including several 5+ hours drives in one go and had no overheating problem.

So after this happened today I rang a different local garage, again on a freinds reccomendation. They have said that I have likely warped the head gasket through driving with the needle in the red etc. Have advised me to drive it up to then with the rad cap off so they can have a look at it.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has had this problem, what else it could be, how to fix it etc??

If you any more information, I'll gladly tell you what I can. Thanks for your help in advance :)
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - zookeeper
if i had a pound .....ect ect
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - DaSpoon
Aww, go on, elaborate...
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - zookeeper
hi daspoon if you read the previous posts about ford fiesta heater problems you will be here all night
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - andyp
Driving 15 miles with the needle in the red will have caused major damage to the engine !
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - SpamCan61 {P}
No hot air = no hot coolant going through heater matrix to provide hot air = overheating engine = head skim +new head gasket or whatever caused the coolant loss in the first place.
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - Colb26
Previous post=This is absolute rubbish, obviously this guy knows nothing. If your head gasket is gone you will get water in your oil - creamy/grey Oil.

If Oil ok=Head gasket ok

don't run without coolant for - but these engines aren't that weak !

Sounds like an airlock or sludge build up, drain, flush and re fill solves 90% of these cases

This is based on fact not some opinion
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - davecuk
You may be lucky and the engine could be OK. It could also be a simple problem. First thing might be (with a cold engine), start the car up and remove the radiator cap,watch to see if the water starts circulating as she warms up. Presumably even modern electronic marvels of cars still have a (wax based) metal thermostat valve at the top end which opens and allows water to circulate when the engine warms up, perhaps this has failed and is not opening properly.. Cheap and easy fix.

Perhaps the water pump has failed a little more expensive.

Rocker box cover cap, remove, if no mayonaise and no smoking outta the cap, engines probably still OK.
02 1.25 Overheating and no hot air!! - Wurzel83
The Heater Matrix is NOT the primary device for removing heat from the engine - it is the radiator. This is why when you drive for several months in the summer with the heating off then assuming averything else is functioning OK then the engine will not overheat.

It sounds like you have a blockage somewhere which is preventing circulation within both the Heater Matrix and the radiator.

My advice would be to go to a Motoring Shop and get a Radiator Flush. Follow the instructions and add it to the coolant and hope that it breaks up the possible blockage. If not joy then look at changing the thermostat.