00 1.4 Blocked windscreen washers - mcqueek
Sorry to be a complete girlie, however, I have a blockage in the tube leading to the driver's side windscreen washer.

When I say blockage, I can see the tube and the tube appears to be hard in the middle, like its calcified. All other washers are working fine.

How do I fix it? Can I pull the tube off and replace it? DO I fill the water thing with boiling water and hope that it melts / clears the blockage?

I know its not a major problem, but its annoying. Thanks in advance for any advice :)
00 1.4 Blocked windscreen washers - dagenham car center
dont put any boiling water in for goodness sake,itll cause more damage.
the tube is non squeazable so im not suprised you cant squeaze it.
get a small pin and poke them in the washer jet holes,the ones in the bonnet.
if it dosnt clear take it to your local garage and they will blow em out with an airline for a "drink"

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