Importing a Merc - AlastairW
A colleague has been offered a 2004(ish) Merc C270CDI for a very good price from a relative.
He is keen to take up the offer, but the car is currently in the Isle of Man, and indeed registered there.
If he does buy it, how does he go about registering it in th UK?

Incidentally, is there anything he should look out for. The car is known to him and has reportedly been well looked after.
Importing a Merc - bell boy
you need to get the export licence from the equivelant of the iom dvla
this cost me $15 i think last time i did one
swansea need this so you have eu conformity you need this before dvla allow you the british number plate age related
alternativly sometimes the manufacturer will supply you with the certificate of conformity if you write to them pleadingly
the overall thing i remember is the people selling in the iom must let the authorities know the car is leaving the island for good or the 3 legged monster will come to haunt them

be aware its a good 3 years since i did one of these so anything might have changed,best advice is call into a local dvla office and speak to someone up to speed,dvla are very helpfull these days and are indeed there to serve
Importing a Merc - Bill Payer
A colleague has been offered a 2004(ish) Merc C270CDI for a very good price from
a relative.

The "ish" is significant as they were facelifted in the middle of 2004. Although they look very similar - I think clear front lights is the main exterior difference - there were a lot of changes under the skin and the later cars supposedly drive and handle a lot better.

I have one of the later ones and there are no regular issues - the 270CDI engine is very well regarded as a good combination of power and economy.

Earlier cars sometimes have problems due to the auto box fluid and coolant mixing - this was supposed to have been fixed by mid 2003 but a 2004ish car could have been built earlier.

Later car sometimes can be very camber sensitive - they vary a bit and some are fine. I can live with mine, but you can get special bolts to adjust the camber settings. Needs an alignment specialist who knows what they're doing to set it up.

Have a look at Car-By-Car breakdown.
Importing a Merc - AlastairW
Thanks both. I think my colleague is just seeing the shiny metal at present (he runs an F reg Cavalier at the moment!)
Importing a Merc - motorprop
IoM - if the car is low mileage I would be extra vigilant, as in what is the max speed there, cos if it's low, and with no motorways , the car has probably seen very little proper driving at optimum temperature ...

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