Hubble bubble, oil and trouble

I wonder if you can please provide me with some advice as Volvo is refusing to replace a broken turbo on my 18-month-old C70 D5 (which will cost me approx £2k in parts and labour). They are refusing to fix the car under warranty due to my decision to have the car’s first service done by a local garage outside of the dealer network. They are saying that my local garage has not used Castrol Longtek 0w30 engine oil (Volvo recommend this specific oil) and unless my local garage can provide them with a receipt showing that they purchased this oil they will assume it has used different oil therefore causing the turbo failure. This is despite my local garage providing me with my service paperwork specifically showing the wording Castrol Longtek 0w30. I have faxed this over to Volvo HQ and they are still insisting on seeing my local garage’s proof that they purchased this oil. What should I do? Volvo is basically saying that my local garage is lying and has used inferior oil and is using this as an excuse not to honour my warranty. Any help much appreciated as this is driving me mad and causing much stress

Asked on 27 March 2010 by S.W., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Take the matter to the small claims track of the county court. But first
inform Volvo that this is what you intend to do because you believe you have the evidence that the car was serviced according to manufacturer specification and that therefore Volvo is in breach of contract to you rather than you in breach of contract to Volvo. Of course, if your local garage turns out to have lied about the oil used, then your case will have to be against your local garage.
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