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1998 1.4 Petrol - Missfire - Skylar
I have had this car for 3 years now and had a missfire problem for all this time! It only tends to missfire once the car is warm, and can be especially bad once i'v been down the motorway. The thing i though is its not consistent and can have a period of a few months where it is pretty much ok, but then the missfire will all of a sudden start again. It never stalls, it just missfires and loses all power for a second or 2. I have had it in the garage, and a diagnostics has shown nothing wrong. And every time a mechanic drives it the car behaves!! I have had the coil, leads and spark plugs changed and it made no difference at all. I'm at the point where i want rid of the car but i can't sell it like this! I have read a few things online where its been suggested it could be the ECU, also could be a MAP sensor?? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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1998 1.4 Petrol - Missfire - Javalin
Had a similar issue with a Fiesta. Check the crank-case-breather(s) - mine was blocked and it was pulling oil into the engine when you lift off (i.e. to change gear).

Any blue smoke from the exhasut?

Unlikely to be the ECU IMHO


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