91. Mk2 1.3 Cylinder head vs 1.4 head - marty1979
Evening all, I wonder if anyone in the know can help me with this? I recently sorted a blown head gasket on my MK2 golf, but upon checking the spark plugs, number 4 decided to snap off leaving the threaded part in the head. Anyway, it turns out that the head had to come because whoever put the plug in cross threaded it, and my attempts to remove what was left has resulted in a cracked head. I have found a cheapish 1.4 golf head, and although the part numbers a slightly different, they look exactly the same. I'm wondering if it's just the cams that are different? I'm having a hard time finding a second hand 1.3 head so any help regarding this is very much appreciated. Take care.

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1991 1.3 MK2 1.3 Golf Cylinder head vs 1.4 head - mfarrow
Go on a parts website like ultrapartsltd and see if the part numbers match.

The part number stamped on the head casting will be for the casting itself, not the valves etc. So yes they will be different. It's worth checking though with a VW dealer parts desk to see if one part number superceded the other.

I magine though that the valves will be ported differently.
1991 1.3 MK2 1.3 Golf Cylinder head vs 1.4 head - marty1979
I'll have a look at that site, thanks very much for that. I did some digging and I've found that the head gaskets for the 1.3 and 1.4 are the same, same part numbers anyway.