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Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - Huw
I believe the 1.3 toyota and diahatsu have the same engine and that popular opinion is that 'it's a good 'un'. Is the same true of the 1.0 engines? Are they the same and 'a good 'un' too?

Any comment on the 1.0l YRV? I am thinking of buying one to use as a wheel barrow and to take kids to and from footie matches- I might even take it for a leisurly potter through France next year. I don't need a great car but just something that gets reliably from a to b with economy if little 'style'.
Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - Harmattan
Do you mean the 1.0 litre Cuore since all the YRV's appear to have the 1.3 engine? Car-by-car breakdown has it all. I've looked closely at the Daihatsus because there is a respected dealer close by and they have the 3-year servicing deal on some models. They appear to be quite well made and the 1.3 engine is built for Toyota by Daihatsu. I was on the point of buying the turbo-charged Cuore Avanzato a few years back when I got a contract abroad. It was a hoot to drive. I will be extremely tempted if the Copen soft top comes here. However, in the local free paper last weekend, there was a 1998 10K mile Sirion Automatic with aircon etc for sale privately at £3,500 which is a lot of depreciation.

My conclusions are that if you have a dealer close by and are either prepared for heavy depreciation, or to run it into the ground, any of the Cuore, Sirions or YRVs are probably reliable OK buys with that long warranty. But if it is a runabout that's needed, the new £5000 Perodua Kelisa with another dealer is just an older Cuore and would do much the same job.

If you are nervous about selling it on, a base Saxo only has three doors but won't put buyers off in a year or two.

I'll be interested to read of anyone with long term experience of these little Daihatsus because I see so few on the road.
Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - Huw
There is a 1.0 YRV. They are flogging a 5 door for £5000 at www.abccars.tv/ but I can't get any specs on it.

Any help welcome.
Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - Harmattan
Interesting. You are quite correct that there is a 1.0 litre model in Japan at least. Look at www.daihatsu.com/catalogue/yrv/spec/index.html

Obvious question then is for which market these particular cars were built and to be very sure where the components have come from if there are differences other than obvious ones like wheels and tyres.

At £5k though I would say they will be a lot better and more modern in style than a Perodua. I haven't checked but it might be worth trying the following Malaysian bulletin board because they get some of these mix-and-match Asian cars we don't normally see.
Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - grogee

My own opinion of the YRV is that it's a great car - spacious inside, and not too silly-looking for a tall-but-short micro-MPV.

The 1.0 model is not officially on sale in the UK; I would imagine the model you are referring to is an Irish-spec or Cyprus-spec car or something.

As far as I am aware the 1.3 engines in the Toyota Yaris and Daihatsu are similar but in different states of tune (Daihatsu is more powerful). The same OUGHT to be true of the 1.0 engines, but you can never take anything for granted in this game.
Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - Huw
I believe they came from Ireland but unlike some imported cars there does not seem to be any problem getting an insurance quote for them.
Toyota Yaris Diahatsu YRV - Huw
Thanks for the tech. spec. David. 80 plus m.p.g seems too good to be true. I wish they would give a 0 - 60 as I have a 'feel' for 15 seconds but I have not a clue what 88.3 N m would do to 875kg.

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