98 2.0 steptronic auto gearbox failing in low gear - bernie of york
I rarely use the steptronic option on the auto gearbox, but last week on the snow and ice I switched into low gears a couple of times in the evening.
In the morning pulling away in automatic I heard a loud clunk, and shortly afterwards the gearbox warning light came on. The manual says its gone into 'safety' mode but is OK to drive.
Since then the auto box no longer pulls away from a standing start, so I switch to 2nd in steptronic to pull away.
Selecting 1st in steptronic also produces a clunk, so I don't use that gear.
Once moving I switch back into auto which operates fine once the car is rolling. However, I think the entire gearbox may slowly be failing. I am still driving the car for short distances only (up to 5 miles).

I've taken this to my local garage but he says he can't help and I need an automatic gearbox or BMW specialist.

Can anyone advise how to diagnose the problem, and any possible solutions? Am I ok to carry on driving it? We can do some diy maintenance ourselves, but if you know of a Yorkshire based specialist who might be able to help that would be useful. Many thanks for your advice, I love this car and want to repair it if possible.

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98 2.0 steptronic auto gearbox failing in low gear - Raymond UK
Hi Bernie,

I've got a similar problem with my 97 E39 525 tdsse and I'm taking it to my local garage next week to have the fluid drained and renewed, they also said they'll put a new filter in for about £100 all in.

I'll let you know if it cures it as it seams the cheapest option at the moment,