02 2.0 Flashing Glow Plug, Starting Problem - lingy
My first time on this forum, just wanted some input. Recently had my Mondeo serviced and had the glow plugs changed. The Glow plug light is still flashing. Having problems starting when the car is cold. Lots of smoke when trying to start. Then when it does fire up it's a bit chuggy for a couple of minutes. The garage said they put some addictives in the diesel to see if that would cure the problem. It doesn't seem to have. It seems to run fine once it's warm, although seems a little loss of power as well. Any ideas?
02 2.0 Flashing Glow Plug, Starting Problem - spikeyhead {p}
The flashing glowplug light indicates a fault detected by the engine management unit. About the only thing unlikely to be wrong with the engine is the glowplugs.

Get the car to a diesel specialist and have the codes read.
02 2.0 Flashing Glow Plug, Starting Problem - karaokeglen
yes the cam sensor is the problem!!! change that and you will be motoring again £17 from ford main dealer and 1 10mm bolt to change the sensor, in fords wisdom they made the sensor in plastic and holds a magnectis switch that opens and closes to a magnectic mark on the cam shaft, but over a perioud of time the switch breaks down and causes the ecu to go alittle tits up, and the engine just goes into safe mode and cuts out, but when you restart it it resets everything , but after 20 restarts the ecu wipes out all error codes so you can never get a true reading but change that sensor and it will run much better and the fuel econ will much inprouve too as it is burning the fuel more effecently i have changed about 150 of them for people that is one of the most comman probs on this engine, hope this helps

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