Path mishap - hillman
I saw my old neighbours a couple of days ago and remembered the time when we moved into our new houses and started to lay concrete drives etc. His house was opposite mine, and the house was not far from the road and several feet lower. I was very impressed at the care he took to get the profile of the incline from footpath to drive. He made a very professional profile gauge and laid the concrete to it exceedingly well. We were all motoring cheaply in those days he had an old Reliant three wheeler. The path suited the Reliant perfectly. However, we became more prosperous and he came home with a Humber Hawk. ( Does anyone remember those ?). Anyhow, the road clearance of the Humber was much lower and the wheels further apart, and it grounded. I think that the writer of the final scene in ?The Italian Job? got his ideas from the seesawing of the car as my neighbour climbed out. I was at work the next day and never did find out how he got the car back on the road.
Path mishap - Alanovich
Humber Hawks? There's a bloke a few streets from me who still runs one. A big maroon job on a "D" plate. Beautiful old thing.
Path mishap - ohsoslow
Learned to drive in my father's Hawk in the 60s. Huge black tank of a thing. Once I passed my test I would borrow it for hot dates in return for cleaning and polishing it.

Big full width bench seats..... those were the days!