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i just wondered if anyone could tell me how i could find out if my car has the facility for remote central locking - without taking it to the ford dealership. i bought the car only last week and have a "normal key". just thought that it would be better as less chance of scratching the car.

thanks in advance for any replies!
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You could try looking it up on Parkers (won't post a link as it's a rival site)

No mention of year/model, etc of your car - just to narrow it down a bit.
it would be better as less chance of scratching the car.

Hold your finger along the length of the key and also so that it extends just past the end of the blade. This way your finger makes contact with the paint first on a dark night instead of the key blade and will make finding the keyhole that much easier.
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Some details of the vehicle would help those on this site who know about these things. Year and model would be a start.
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From his other thread it's on a 53 plate so a 2003 car (well maybe early 2004). If it has no remote central locking I'd live with it personally.
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I had a 2003 Fiesta Zetec and it didn't have remote locking as standard.

Why not ring Ford UK Customer Services with your numberplate and ask them? They can look up the exact spec for you, they did it for me when buying my 8 year old Mondeo as all the build details were still on their system.

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Why not ring Ford UK Customer Services ...........

Contact details are here ...........

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