98 1.25 Rusting sills - worth replacing? - wicked_buffy
I've a 5 door Fiests Mk4 1.25 Zetec. I noticed that the sills underneath the doors are rusting out. One is very bad - just about managed to punch a hole through it the size of my fist. I'm assuming these have to be in good nick as they are part of the strength of the car? Any idea as to the cost of getting new ones fitted? I thought the days of getting cars welded was over....I guess not.
98 1.25 Rusting sills - worth replacing? - piston power
Apart from the sill's is the rest of the car in v good condition?

11 years old might be better putting your cash to something newer.

Maybe you can just get a plate welded on over the hole, take it to a garage for a quote?
98 1.25 Rusting sills - worth replacing? - TurboD
Ford still seem to have a rust problem, my brother's 2000 Fiesta has rust coming through on rear arch. Very poor , I reckon. Bit if you have a garage mend this it will cost , what £200?.
If car will get another MOTs it may well be worth it , unless you want an excuse to change to a less rust prone make?
98 1.25 Rusting sills - worth replacing? - wicked_buffy
Thanks for the replies. The car is otherwise really reliable and fitted new cam belt etc recently so I would like to keep it. The problem is, what else could I get for £500? At least I know the history on this. My first contact for a garage was the local one; they told me they didn't ever weld cars these days. I'll find another and post the quote. If it's under £250, I'll keep the car.
98 1.25 Rusting sills - worth replacing? - jc2
Look in your local paper;if it's anything like ours,plenty of adverts for welding.
98 1.25 Rusting sills - worth replacing? - Roland T
I did this job on my '96 Fiesta for its MOT this time. It is disappointing to have to do this when so many other manufacturers seemed to have overcome the problem by that build year.
Every other time I've welded a car the hole has been much worse by the time I've got back to sound metal suitable for welding to. This was the first time it wasn't so bad and I regrettted cutting off a mostly sound sill. I'll definitely just patch the other side when it needs it.
Sorry I can't advise on price. The sill was a few pence short of a tenner but obviously, it's a high labour job.
Let us know the outcome.