97 1.2 poor running, then won't start - now solved - oldnotbold
I'm writing this up to help others who may experience the same problem.

The car very quickly was running badly, cut out when idling, and finally refused to start. It was full of good fuel, and had good battery etc.

It was towed to my indy, who found a load of faults in the memory, finally managed to clear the memory, and then started looking at the faults that appeared. The plugs were very badly damaged, and were replaced. After this it would start, idle, but was gutless.

He isolated the fault to the temperature sensor - it read -40C. He surmised that the car was therefore over fuelling, which damaged the plugs and choked the engine. The temp sensor was replaced, and it now runs perfectly again.

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97 1.2 poor running, then won't start, but now sol - Number_Cruncher
>>it read -40C

That sounds like the open circuit value - as well as being the sensor, this could also have been a problem with the connector.

97 1.2 poor running, then won't start, but now sol - oldnotbold
FWIW I was charged two hours labour plus parts - which I was happy with.


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