01 2.0l 20v Dipstick stuck - andyjarv
The dipstick is jammed on my 2.0lt 20v Audi A4. Last Wednesday my car was in for a new thermostat, they did the job buy removing the alternator rather than the inlet manifold, no problem with that as that is the way most people do it. I went to check to oil on Saturday and the plastic orange guide tube came out with the dipstick, I refitted the tube (bit of a fiddle) but now the dipstick is stuck fast, it lifts about 1/2 inch and that's it, help! I have a long journey coming up and the only way I can check the oil is if the low oil level warning comes up on the dash.


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01 2.0l 20v Dipstick stuck - hm
I have heard of this issue before.. but never really seen a good response.. sorry I do not have one either..

with the stick in, is it possible to rotate it? have you tried pulling it out the 1/2" then using a set of long nose pliers on the steel stick to pull her out?

It might be easier to pull out if the engine is warm? I know this will help you check the oil but it could free it..

Sorry for the poo response...

01 2.0l 20v Dipstick stuck - andyjarv
with a lot f jiggling it will eventual come out but it takes a lot of effort.
01 2.0l 20v Dipstick stuck - Pugugly
Has t bent a bit ?
01 2.0l 20v Dipstick stuck - andyjarv
No, nothing at all wrong with the dip stick it's self.

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