03 1.4 Strange interior engine noise - manc_ian
Hello. I bought a 53 reg Fiesta 1.4 Flame 2 weeks ago with 55k on the clock with A/C.

Ive started to notice a strange noise which can be heard through the dash board when the car idling at traffic lights. The engine sounds fine from the outside if maybe a little tappy.

The noise is like an air flow noise like there maybe an air leak and air circulating around in something. The noise also has slight tappy sound to is aswell. I had a look under the bonnet yesterday and put my ear down on the area where i think the noise is coming from (top right/passenger side of the engine). Im sure a can hear a slight hissing noise but cannot feel any air coming from anything.

Does anyone know what this could be or is it just a normal noise for Fiesta's.

Help much appreciated.

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03 1.4 Strange Fiesta interior engine noise - mjm
It could be the refrigerant in the air con system. Does it do it with the aircon on or off?
03 1.4 Strange Fiesta interior engine noise - manc_ian
It happens when the air con is off. Basically i hear it when i start the engine and then every time i stop when i am idling.
03 1.4 Strange interior engine noise - Saltrampen
Does it have hydraulic power steering ? If it was this you'd notice same noise when turning wheel at idle.
Other possibilities are loose vacuum hoses - but would hear this if popped bonnet and listened to engine. Check noise is not coming from servo - if it is a vacuum leak, you 'd hear a hiss but not feel any air as air is being sucked in.

03 1.4 Strange interior engine noise - manc_ian
Yer it has hydraulic power steering but i dont think it is that. The vacuum leak might be a good bet though. I can hear i hissing in the top right corner of the engine but cannot feel any air. Just need to get change to pop into a garage to get it checked out.
03 1.4 Strange interior engine noise - topbloke
it more likely to be sucking air so you wont feel it could be an air flap controled by the heater controls come adrift but needs checking

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