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05 1.6 Engine Management Problems - notgotaclue
My 55 plate Zafira has now been back at the dealer for work under warranty, for almost 2 weeks. The presenting problem was that the car would not start, there was nothing! All the ignition lights went on, but there was nothing at all from the ignition. I would wait 5 mins and try again and it would start, although all the time I was driving the engine management light would be on.
The garage has stated that something is shorting out the engine management system, but that they cannot find the electric cable which is causing it. They have been in touch with Vauxhall technical advisors and are waiting for a specialist to liaise with them.
I asked what the next step is, as they have given me a little corsa as a courtesy car, which is far too small for what I need. They state that the specialist may take the car to Vauxhall and that then I would get a "like for Like" courtesy car.
The guy at the dealer did not sound at all positive and I am unsure of my rights re: timescale to fix the problem and what will happen if they cant.
Can anyone please offer some advise?

{55 changed to 05 as 55 is the reg plate, not the 'year of manufacture' - which is what the fill in box requested}

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05 1.6 Engine Management Problems - notgotaclue
Thought I would give an update, as it seems that Zafira's have a lot of electrical faults.

Now have car back after 3 weeks and input from vauxhall specialists. Seems that they struggled to diagnose prob. I have been told that they tracked the fault down to some elctrical wires and have replaced the "wiring loom".

Hope this is of help to someone....

05 1.6 Engine Management Problems - Screwloose

Not much to go on; but I'd doubt that "shorting out the engine management system" would cause a failure to crank - unless there were fuses blowing?

The wiring loom is the taped bundle of cables that joins everything together - a very expensive and time-consuming repair.
05 1.6 Engine Management Problems - Victorbox
"as it seems that Zafira's have a lot of electrical faults" Not sure if this is a Zafira A or B as 2005 is the crossover year but I doubt that Zafiras have any more electrical problems that other similar cars - mine has been perfect in all areas for over 60,000 miles in just under 3 years.

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