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1996 1.4 RN Auto Start Problems - Spee
Hi all,

My partners Clio 1.4 Auto has developed an annoying and very intermittent starting problem.

Basically, sometimes it just will not start, it turns over fine and has a good strong battery and most of the time, it starts at the turn of the key, almost beating the key! Once started, it runs without fault, no weak idle or stalling etc.

I've changed the distributor cap, rotor arm, Coil, ignition leads and cleaned and checked the plugs.

I've broken down and checked all the plugs I can see, all were very clean and dry but have been soaked in WD40 since being broken down, just in case.

I'm baffled, I'm an engineer but electrics are my blind spot I'm afraid, I'm ok with all the basics, hence whats been changed so far, but now it's got too deep for me.

By the way, I changed the coil pack as I was getting a weak spark to the dizzy cap one day when it was tested by the RAC, this cured it for a couple of weeks.

The car can however, go without fault for several weeks anyway without any problems.

Hope someone can help?



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1996 1.4 RN Auto Start Problems - big davey
You must consider the crank sensor, located above the gear box at the back of head.


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