My new car has been broken into twice recently - is this done through keyless entry?

I have a 2017 BMW X3. It was broken into two times in less than eight weeks, perhaps using some sort of keyless entry. In both cases, there wasn’t any physical damage to the car. On the second incident, which happened today, all doors were left wide open. I live in a gated community in San Jose, CA. I was wondering if there has been any similar incidents with 2017 BMWs?

Asked on 27 September 2017 by Younes

Answered by Honest John
If the car has keyless entry, then the signal from the key to the car can be boosted by various hand-held devices to make the keyless entry system think you are standing next to the car with the key. Keyless entry is rapidly becoming one of the most stupid gizmos ever fitted to an automobile.
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