Thieves gained access to my car through keyless entry - how do I stop this happening again?

My BMW 340i M Sport Touring was recently broken into and a a few hundred pounds worth of goods were stolen. They keys have never been out of my possession and yet they managed to gain access without forced entry to the car. My suspicion is that they may have either cloned my key remotely or used a relay attack. Upon locking the car I leave the wing mirrors in their upright position, so it's easy to visually check that it's locked. The dealer principal, however, insists that I must have left the car unlocked. I refute this but obviously have no way to prove it either way. I also have connected drive and my phone is authorised to send commands to the car. What do you suggest I do about it? I am going to fit CCTV at home, which is where it happened, but that's obviously not feasible when I'm out.

Asked on 6 June 2017 by Maeee

Answered by Honest John
What the scallyweags do is boost the signal from your remote key to the receiver in the car, so it thinks you have just walked up to the car when in fact you are walking away from it. The whole idea of these systems is so crassly stupid I can't believe they were ever fitted to cars. Use a Disklok on the steering wheel, just like I did when I ran an F30 320d ED. It will help to lock with the key in the door rather than flash the remote lock.
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