Insurance renewal questions - Tron
What are the best answers to give to obtain a lower insurance premium without risking invalidating the policy?

Clearly speeding, motoring and accidents/claims must be declared freely.

But I have no worries on that front :)

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Insurance renewal questions - Devolution
Erm... truthful ones! :-)

Check to ensure you have all details correct, or if you can improve on information only, such as alarms fitted, garage you could use, secure parking at work (cctv etc). Sometimes if going through comparison sites you get asked very basic information to gain a policy. Go direct and discuss your finer details.

Normally the biggest saving is to simply change insurers - nothing else will give a bigger change in premiums apart from telling porkies!
Insurance renewal questions - Tron
That question put me across really badly didn't it?

No way I would lie to any insurer and I was just wondering what sort of porkies people do tell insurance companies to get their premiums down that was all.

Insurance renewal questions - Devolution
No Tron, not at all, I wasn't reflecting badly on you and I can see what you're asking now. If someone was to be dishonest they'd proably lie about things that are not easily checked such as modifications to the car and it's location, it's use (people with Social/Domestic only but using it for daily commuting) or using it for business work where the insurer is not informed (pizza delivery, catalogue delivery), the annual mileage if applicable to the policy etc.

Other than that the major premiums come from offences and damage/claims, all of which are harder to lie about nowadays with everything cross referenced on computers.

Although in your original post you say "without invalidating the policy" and most of these untruthfuls could invalidate the policy so really it's back to what I said in the second post about just being more open and giving extra information if you think it would help.

Don't know if that helps answer your question in anyway! :-S

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Insurance renewal questions - Nsar
The details are cross-referenced but sadly only to the insurer's benefit.

For example I own two cars and am the main driver on one and secondary driver on the other (the more expensive as the main driver is our au pair who is 21). I drive this other car about once a quarter to make a short journey but a claim I have had on my other (main) policy has to be logged, even though it was a no fault accident where the entire costs and excess were recovered in my favour.

It seems that this claim has as much impact on one policy as it does on the other which makes no sense whatsoever.

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