1999 2.0 Battery light Fault - jaatkinson20
I have a ford cougar 1999 that has a strange battery fault. I think it all started when I added an Amplifier to my sound system. Which worked fine for 2 days then the battery light started coming on and off on the way to work. So I unplugged the amp but the light still came on.

So at first I thought it was the battery so I bought a brand new bosch battery. The light however still came on... It does not stay on however it comes on and off while driving. I then replaced the alternator thinking it was that with a brand new one. But the battery light still was coming on and off. So I took it to ford they put it on the diagnostics and said that a fuse had gone. This can't be an ordinary fuse because they had to order it in. They replaced the fuse but then I got the car back the battery light was still on when idle. However if I reve'd the engine it went out... and stayed out for most of the journeys only come on every now and then.

Yesterday however the light came on again and it stayed on permanently. I tested the voltage across the battery and it?s the same with engine on and off so the battery is not charging at all. When I have done tests previously when the light comes on and off I normally get around 13.5 volts.. To 12.8 volts with everything on e.g. lights and heaters etc. I am not sure where to go from here I don't think its the alternator or battery. I have tested the link from the alternator to the battery and it seems good.. As does the earth..

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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1999 2.0 Battery light Fault - Screwloose

Classic case of "guesswork doesn't work."

This is a "smart" charging system where the alternator is a slave unit of the engine ECU. The battery light has no connexion to the alternator and is a sort of "charging system fault-code light" under total ECU control.

The only way to proceed on one of these is to start with a fault-code read - there are quite a lot....

Cheap alternators don't last 5 minutes on these - and wiring faults are common.
1999 2.0 Battery light Fault - jaatkinson20
Thanks for your prompt reply. I have just tested the alternator and found it to be dead. There is no voltage coming out of it what so ever. So I believe the alternator has gone therefore. However seeing as it?s a brand new alternator I don?t think this is the only cause of the problem. When the alternator was working it was making a lot of noise and getting very hot and as I mentioned in my previous post the battery light was coming on and off. I am guessing there is something wrong with the ECU circuit would you agree?

What?s the next best course of action I don?t really want to spend a lot more money on trying to get it fixed I have already spent £300 on it and for a car that?s worth £1,400 it does not seem worth spending a lot more.


1999 2.0 Battery light Fault - Screwloose

Take it to an auto-electrician. Testing the cabling and earths is a skilled job on an ordinary charging system - when you have to test the ECU links too, it's even more so.

Noise and getting hot would suggest that the new unit's diodes were damaged by some external fault. A very common scenario on these modern systems.

1999 2.5 Battery light Fault - sonyputtar
Hi James

I have the same problem with my cougar, 1999. Replaced the battery then the alternator, still a dim battery light and 12v across the battery, So definitely no charging!!!

Did you resolve your problem???
PLs help!
1999 2.5 Battery light Fault - gandaulf
how did you wire your amp in could be overloading the system
1999 2.5 Battery light Fault - sonyputtar

There is no amp at the moment.
1999 2.5 Battery light Fault - Grandma
I have a Cougar yr 2000, I have a similar problem, my dash display became dim, than my battery light fligked on, my head lights flicker. I booked it into a garage after being told it could be a belt, or the alternator. I've just paid £510 for a new alternator, new belt and battery, my car still has the same problem but now it runs with a slight juddering too. What do I do now, bad enough having to pay out but now I still have the same problem together with not running smooth.
1999 2.5 Battery light Fault - mfarrow
Did they replace the battery with a calcium one? A non-calcium battery can cause all sorts of problems on latter Fords.
1999 2.5 Battery light Fault - steve7423

hello,after reading your problem with the cougar,i have a similar problem with my 2001 2.5.the headlamps pulsate/flicker and the alternator is OVERCHARGING,also it tends to run not as smooth as it used to.did you rectify your problem???please advise



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