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2006 1.6 Engine Cutting out - Bristolbear37
Hopefully someone can help me.

I recently bought a Astra Sportshatch 1.6 Sxi with LPG conversion, ever since buying the vehicle I have been having two problems which are as follows.

1) The car starts fine from cold but in the first 5 - 10 minutes of driving it when breaking and coming to a complete stop at a junction, when applying the clutch the engine cuts out. There is no jerk as you would get from stalling. When you attempt to restart the engine it struggles to restart and can take up to 30 seconds before it fires up again.

This happens 2 or 3 times and then appears to run ok - this is all happening when running on petrol and not when the gas kicks in.

2) The other problem is related to power - I can get no more than 75-80mph out of it with my foot hard to the floor on the flat, any kind of incline and the power fulls away and if you are coming to a stop the engine again dies.

When running on Gas the problem does not seem to be happening.

As the car is still under warranty it has been going back to a Vauxhall dealer (3 differnt)but they are not finding the fault - Tech 2 reports no errors although they have changed the cat converter and various sensors.

I did not buy the car from a vauxhall dealer but another garage, I am trying to end the agreement under the Supply of Goods Act and am currently awaiting a date for Court as the finance company are claiming nothing is wrong because the garage can not find the fault.

Anyone have any idea or help ?

2006 1.6 Engine Cutting out - Baraboom

I now have EXACTLY the same problem with my LPG converted astra sporthatch.

The dealer is saying the fault is caused by the gas itself going throuth the engine.
The LPG system has been fitted and works perfectly, but apparantly the Astra's engine isn't good enough to handle the gas.

Something in the gas makes the valves in the cylinder stick. Well, that was the explanation I was given anyway before they washed their hands of it and told me they couldn't fix it.

Could you please tell me what you found out since? Have you fixed it?

My mechanic is going to try and clean the valves to see if that's possible and if it helps.

Before I had it converted Vaucxhall told me there was no problem in doing so. Now they are saying they don't recommend LPG on Astras because of the engine, and of course I have no "record" of my original conversation and they don't want to cover it under warranty.


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