Water Leaks - Ian Mason

Can any one help with the following problem on a 1997 Mondeo Saloon.

When it rains I sometimes get water in the boot, this only happens if it has been very heavy rain. If the car is wet but no water in the boot and I drive the car, water finds it way in.

It is always in the same place on the left hand side just under the fuel filler inden.

I have checked the sun roof by opening the roof and puting a hose pipe into the drain and left it running

I have sprayed water into the fuel filler housing with the flap open and I have sprayed water along the bumper where it meets the rear wheel arch.

The water is clean so I don't think it is coming of the road wheels

Please can some one help?

Re: Water Leaks - honest john
Must be the boot seal. Try putting a thin smear of Vaseline along the boot seal rubber, closing the boot, then opening the boot and checking for any gaps in the transmitted Vaseline on the other surface.

Re: Water Leaks - David Lacey
Ian - water ingress into a car is a complete s**t of a job to trace. In our workshops, it is common practice to place the YTS trainee/Apprentice/Work Experience lad in the boot, suitably armed with a torch and told to look in the suspect areas whilst we - (a)Spray the offending area of the car with a hosepipe (b)Take a teabreak (c) Take the car on a roadtest involving a few roundabouts! (Only joking!)
Yes, as HJ says, check the boot seal, pay attention to body seams (Where two or more panels join, look for pinholes in the sealant) also check around the fuel filler pipe to bodyshell gasket/seal - water could well be seeping past this seal. We had a car in for a very similar problem a few weeks ago - and it turned out to be exactly that! Good Luck!

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