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54 2.0 Pressure Sensor?? - Robin the Technician
A friend of mine has a Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 DTi which started to have a spanner warning light appear on the dash. Then the car would go into limp home mode. The vehicle has been to a local garage who have connected it to a computer and the fault has come back: Barometric pressure sensor as faulty. Question is, what is it and where is it located? The car is covered by an RAC warranty but the likelyhood is its not covered (then agin, what is?) If the sensor is fairly easy to change to sort out the problem I think he's capapble of changing it himself.

As always your divine guidance and assistance is much appreciated.

54 2.0 Pressure Sensor?? - Screwloose

The baro sensor is usually inside the ECU; but the PSG 16 system can have one mounted on the injection pump. [Either green, yellow and black/white or blue/black, red/white and brown/white cables.]

Be careful of misusing codes; it won't be "sensor faulty," the usual defininition is "baro sensor - low input" or "baro sensor - coherence to MAP" and that can refer to the boost sensor not reading the same as the baro sensor at key-on. Clogged MAP sensors and split boost hoses can flag this fault too - this is a Vauxhall, after all....

Get the exact code number; there are quite a few that cover baro sensors. Even P1105 comes in 5 versions.

Checking the baro sensor's reading in live data is also a good idea; it should read around 100kPa - depending on the ambient pressure.

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54 2.0 Pressure Sensor?? - topbloke
there should be a cover over the engine remove this cover look between the engine and the rad where the injector pipes are, under the pipes there is a manifold (of sorts) look to the far end of this manifold towards nearside sensor is there held in with a torx bolt, its likely that if you remove it it will be gummed up, clean gently, however its far better to remove the top half of the manifold and remove all the gunk that is inside it (there will be plenty)
54 2.0 Pressure Sensor?? - Dennis2m99

Vauxhall Zafira 04 2.0 DTI ......Engine Y20DTH....Barometric Pressure Sensor Located n/s next to battery under some wires .... When facing front of vehicle/top end of engine battery is on the right, Barometric Pressure Sensor is to the right of battery not easy to spot cos of wires sat on top.... Hope this helps ;-)


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