03 1.7 Engine cuts out in traffic queues - st mabon
The car is an Imagine 1.7 CDTi with an 03 plate.
A couple of times recently the engine has cut out whilst in slow moving traffic queues and the Malfunction and Glow Plugs warning lights come on. The car will not restart for a couple of minutes and the warning lights stop on. The engine needs to completely cool down before the warning lights revert to normal.
The first visit to the Honda Dealer resulted in "No fault apparent" but following the second visit they have ordered a sensor (?).
Does anyone have any ideas please?

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03 1.7 Engine cuts out in traffic queues - The Silverfox
Hi - we have exactly the same model/year Honda as you. We have also had the same problem and had our car put on the computer and they came up with no fault. Tried to drive the car home after the dealer said they had fixed the problem but the car was worse than in the first place. Took it back and they firstly said it was the turbo, but then changed their mind and said it was the coolant bottle which they said was leaking. They changed this and as of today it seems fine but we haven't been stuck in traffic in hot weather so can't confirm that this has done the trick. Hope this is of help.
03 1.7 Engine cuts out in traffic queues - Screwloose

Which sensor have they ordered?
03 1.7 Engine cuts out in traffic queues - st mabon
Apparently a Fuel "Rail" ?? sensor, which is on back-order.

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03 1.7 Engine cuts out in traffic queues - Cuz
During the recent cold spell our car suddenly stopped - without warning - whilst going uphill. Glow plug light on and MEL.

Given that we live 500ft up on the Pennines (and the temp got to -14) I suspected the diesel was waxing up...or water in the fuel filter had frozen. Checked filter - no water in...but problem re-occured next day. As the temp hadn't got above freezing I thought that maybe there was still a problem with crystals forming somewhere in fuel system.

So, left car in village in valley...and as soon as temp was above -0 for 24 hours I tried running it...and it's run fine (fingers crossed) since.

These symtoms are so similar to those mentioned above - I'm wondering if a temporary fuel blockage tricks some over-sensitive common rail sensor into switching off the engine to avoid damage to the injector system?

Just posting this as a marker...in case anyone else has problems in this cold spell!

Cold or hot - looks like a 1.7 can suddenly stop!

Wishing everyone trouble-free motoring in 2010!

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