Have you experienced delivery delay ? - richard price
My daughter ordered a Fiat 500 Pop on the 2nd February 2008 with an estimated delivery date of 31st March 2008, have had many conversations with dealership (on the south coast, always dealt with the salesman perhaps should have escalated to principle) have now been told that the car will arrive UK 12 May delivery to my daughter about 7 days after, any body else out there experienced similar delay??
Richard Price

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Have you experienced delivery delay ? - Westpig
spoke with a mate only 10 mins ago on same subject. His girlfriend is waiting for one..and I facilitated the sale of her old car (Toyota Yaris 1.0) to a workmate, so they're all champing at the bit

originally told 8 weeks, that was extended to 12 weeks, they're now into the 13th week

1.2 middle range one, in red, with a load of extras like sunroof and red leather. I'm not a small car or a Fiat fan, but have to say they look quite good.
Have you experienced delivery delay ? - jc2
I ordered a Ford-not to a standard spec so needed to be built for me-dealer gave me a delivery date which he got from Ford.Date came and no car, so the dealer told me to stop the payments to Ford Credit on my current car and carry on using it.Three months later,my car arrived and I started a fresh agreement-I doubt you'll get anything out of Fiat.Most of the hold-up was not in the build but in the shipping-dealer kept me up-to-date on location of car at all times.


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