04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Urgently need advice for my car.

2.2 Sri Direct.I dislocated my shoulder 2 weeks ago and cannot drive for a few weeks.My sister took my car for a run on Monday evening and parked it (facing down) on a hill.It has been there for 2 days.Tonight I tried to start it, but simply nothing.All electrics ok.No alarms on the dashboard,but there is no 'clicking' noise like a starter motor,just a 'whirring' noise.Almost as if there is a fan in the engine and no engine at all.

Car is a 2.2 Petrol with 51k miles.Approx 2 months ago the high pressure fuel pump and O2 sensor were replaced.I changed the spark plugs around 4 weeks ago.It has been running great.There has been a lot of rain today, but this is Scotland and it has been parked there before (not for 2 days) and started fine.

As it is,I am apprehensive about 'bump starting' the car in case it doesn't start or I do damage.On top of this,the cars steering is 'solid' because the power sterring isn't cutting in and I really only have the use of one arm for another 2 weeks or so.


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04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

As it was last driven by an unfamiliar driver; was something left on and this is a low battery?

You could try jump-starting it - just be careful to leave the leads connected for a full two minutes after starting.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Dynamic Dave
was something left on and this is a low battery?

About the only thing that can be left on for long periods of time on a Vectra-C are the headlights, parking lights & hazzard lights.

Interior lights, glovebox light & boot light all turn themselves off after 5 or 10 mins. Stereo will turn itself off after approx 1 hour.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Tried to get a jump start,but unsuccessful.Does this rule out my battery?

Exactly the same,whirring/electrical noise from engine but simply nothing turns or even sounds like turning (mechanically).Gave up after a few attempts and noticed some smoke from the air intake pipe which smelt like burning but then changed to a petrol smell.Completely lost.It seemd to point to the battery, but now I am worried lol
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

If jump leads didn't help; then a starter fault comes to the fore.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Nobody out there in the Vauxhall Community ever seen this ???
04 2.2 Direct won't start - SpamCan61 {P}
Well when my lovely green vectra B wouldn't start at all a couple of weeks back it turned out to be the fuel pump relay, which also supplied 12V to the injectors. Not sure if these direct injection jobbies still have this arrangement?

I did have an Omega which developed a habit of not starting when parked on a slope, this turned out to be a slightly loose crank sensor.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Bought and fitted new battery to the car.Engine appears to be turning, but won't 'catch'.Tried a few times only for the 'car and spanner' symbol to appear.Waited and tried again,no symbol, but still not starting.Removed the spark plugs.Extremely wet with petrol.Dried and retried but still no good.

Any further thoughts appreciated
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

So fitting a new battery got it cranking over; but now it won't fire?
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Dynamic Dave
Tried a few times only for the 'car and spanner' symbol to appear.

Does this light remain lit, or does it go off when the other check lights go off? If it remains on then there is a stored fault code. If you can get the fault code read out then it *might* give some clues to as why it's not starting.

Also try taking the plugs out again and put them in an oven to warm up.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Sorry about this.....another update lol

Worried now.Got a 'friend of a friend' who works for a local recovery service.he had a quick go and said is sounds 'serious' - as in strange

(the warning symbol I mentioned disappears but returns after attempting to start)

He said it may be safer for the car to be towed to the Dealer.I have since came in and joined the RAC.What 'gets' me is the car has been fine.It was parked on Monday night and Wednesday night it won't start??? I have has loads of documented faults with this car and I am now extremely worried.My Warranty ran till 31/3/07 but due to my probs,Vauxhall extended this sympathetically to 31/3/08.During the extension my high pressure fuel pump AND O2 sensor were replaced FOC, but that Warranty has now ran out 4 weeks ago.If it is serious, what on earth could it be? Why did it happen so suddendly? (no noises or anything) and what are my chances of any contribution by Vauxhall?

My faults have included 2 x SIM modules,timing chain tensioner and associated parts,erratic idle,radiator mounts...........................

I have to wait 24 hours to use my cover

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04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

So just to clarify; it's wasn't turning before you changed the battery; but now it is - yes?

Does your friend suspect a failed timing chain? If you can; do a compression test. Even a basic "is there a reasonable pressure" test with a bit of broomhandle in the plughole would be useful.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Dynamic Dave
(the warning symbol I mentioned disappears but returns after attempting to start)

In which case there is a stored fault code waiting to be read out.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
This will sound weird but I'll do my best.........

Initially there was just a whirring noise.Tried to get a jump start from my sister-still the same.Left overnight.

Put car into reverse next morning and tried to turn engine with car in gear (reverse) incase something had sezied.Car moved about 1 metre.Tried again and a slightly different noise-turning,allbeit, fading.

My mate parked his van and tried the 'jump' route again.Turning but not starting.

Bought new battery and tried,still the same.

Plugs getting covered in petrol but that's about it. The timing chain had an issue around 20 months ago but it was replaced and a new tensioner under Warrranty.Yes it could have gone, but as the work was carried out by an 'expert' (Dealership) I'd be surprised. If it HAS, has the fact the car has moved 1 -2 metres gave me a major problem? Also,when this did occur, the engine had started to sound like a diesel.On MOnday, the car was running absolutely fine

How do I do a simple pressure test? If there is no pressure, what has happened?

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04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

It's the fact that it's now turning over, but still "whirring" that's mystifyng me.

A basic compression test used to be putting your thumb on an open plughole and seeing if cranking blew it off - if it did; then there was at least some compression.

With deep plugs; you'll need a bit of broomhandle, or similar, to reach the hole - wear glasses.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Hi - again

Gets weirder

Put the old battery back on.Still turning but not sounding right.Then after a few attempts, just 'clicking' then eventually one click.Makes it seem like a battery issue, yet a brand new battery didn't solve it or maybe a couple of things wrong.

As for the compression test,not sure if this is possible on this engine.There is a coil pack over the plugs.This connects all 4 x plugs at the same time.to remove one plug to check compression, would mean modifying something considerably to connect the remaining plugs.The engine is the 2.2 Direct
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

Not a problem; you always do a compression test with all the plugs out and just crank it.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Sorry mate

Do I simply remove the coil pack and all the spark plugs and place something over a hole and turn the key?

worst case, if there is no compresssion,what is likely to have happened? Car runs fine,left for 2 days and then 'this'

Has moving the car 1-2 metres (Rolled slightly in 2nd) done any damage?
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Screwloose

Probably best left to your friend who'll, hopefully, be familiar with the procedure. Needs two always.

No, or low, compression would indicate a timing chain issue.

Rolling it should do no harm at all.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
many thanks.

In a 'way' I hope it is the chain as it means the work they done on it has been extremely poor. I'll hopefully get an idea tomorrow and I'll update the findings

04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Hi 'again'

Just looking for some pointers here prior to,what I expect, to be a horrendous next few days on the phone.

RAC came to my car tonight.Initially thought the battery.'Nope' I said,tried that already.He then tried to 'bump start' the car down the hill.Nothing. Had to get my mate down as I couldn't steer my car due to my shoulder.Attempted to 'bump start' the car a few times while being towed.Seemed to catch, but revs died and spanner/car alarm came on.Eventually admitted defeat and it is now lying outside the Dealers for tomorrow morning.

The car is 4 weeks out of an extended 'sympathetic' Warranty.During my Warranty I have had loads of problems-2 x sim modules,timing chain tensioner,high pressure fuel pump,O2 sensor (to name a few)

Can anyone shed any light on what his could be so at least I am armed with some 'ammo' in my quest to get this heap put right with as much assistance for Vauxhall as compensation for putting up with this cr4p for so long.

04 2.2 Direct won't start - David Horn
Somewhere on the RAC website is a list of sound files recorded from cars with various problems. One of them is from a car with a broken cambelt. I'd dig it out for you but am on an absolutely appalling net connection.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Dynamic Dave
The 2.2 engine mentioned in this thread has a camchain.
04 2.2 Direct won't start - noway
alright mate same thing happened to mine last week parked on a hill and everything at first rac told me the timing chain had snapped but after i had it stripped down the chain valves compretion were fine the guy who done this for me said it must be a electrical fault and advised me to have a diagnostic done so its having one on sat if you find out the problem before me let us no mate and if the chex on mine on sataday finds the problem ill pass on the info to you
04 2.2 Direct won't start - Pappasmurf
Good news and bad news for me today.Bad news,'unbelievably' car needs a new engine due to the timing chain snapping and as the car is out of Warranty..............................I cannot get a courtesy car.Good news-Vauxhall are picking up the tab. I am fortunate in one respect - but I have had loads of issues with my car and this is the cream at the top!!

My car was in only 27k ago (at 24k) due to an issue with the timing chain tensioner working loose.A new chain and associated parts were fitted (obviously not very well!!).

This fault has puzzled me.Have a limited knowledge of cars, but this happened overnight.Car drove fine then just wouldn't start.Something obviously seized BIG TIME.

List of faults since owning the car include

Timing chain tensioner
Timing Chain !!
SIM Module x 2
O2 sensor x 2
Crankshaft oil leak
Rocker cover oil leak
Piston ring upgrade (losing oil)
CD player
Computer display
Radiator mounts
Wiper linkage
High pressure fuel pump


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