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2000 1.6 petrol estate. Air-con problem - graham2
Any help please.Fitted a secondhand compressor to air con as original had a gas leak and getting parts to repair down here in Spain is a virtual no go area.Anyway,works fine,better than before apart from a terrible rattle from the clutch when first switched on.Two or four attempts later the noise stops and I can use it all day without probs.The noise is the clutch connecting and releasing at an alarming rate which improves each time you switch off and on again.Had the pressure checked and that is correct and the power supply is not fluctuating?Changed the clutch with the original which was perfect but exactly the same result.My last bit of hair is about to dissapear so any advice would be very much appreciated.

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2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - Dave N
What's the clutch gap? Should be less than the thickness of a business card.

Did you drain the oil from the old one, measure it, then drain the new one and add the same amount as you got from the old one back into the new one (if that makes sense)?

Did you add any extra oil to the system?

What did you recharge it with, cans of gas with magic sealer or performance enhancing chemicals?
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - graham2
Thanks for reply.Gap,quantity of oil and re-gas all done by the book.It was carried out by a long experienced guy down here in Spain.He's so confused by the prob as he's never come across it in thirty years.It was he who suggested that I try this route to see if we can get an answer from someone who may have experienced it before.It was re-gassed from a large gas bottle by weight after the correct amount of new oil had been added.So.I remain confused but gratefull for the reply.
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - Screwloose

If the clutch is rattling in-and-out but the feed is constant [I'd like to see that on a scope] then what about the earth?
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - Dave N
So what is the clutch gap? And did they correctly sort the oil qty out? I know you said an experienced man did it, which makes me wonder why he couldn't get a new compressor. They're as common as anything, and dead cheap as well, for brand new genuine.

If the power isn't fluctuating, and it doesn't normlly as it's a very simple circuit, then it must be something to do with the clutch, the compressor, or the oil qty. If they're over oiled, it pools in the compressor overnight and it will chatter and knock until it clears itself. If the gap is too big, same thing, as it can't pull in properly.

Take a look at the gap, and make sure the clutch isn't loose or wobbly (with the engine off!) and tell us what it is. I can't remember if they're set with shims, or are just a push fit to get the correct clearance. I'll have a dig through my paperwork. I can't remember the last time I did one, as the comprssors are so cheap and plentiful it's hardly worth the hassle.

2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - Dave N
One more thing, how do you know the new (second hand) compressor is any good? It may be tight on start-up causing the clutch to jump around.

IME, used compressors are rarely any better than the one taken off. Ha, they're left open to the air and rain, although some well meaning scrappies very kindly flush them with solvent, which is even worse.
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - elekie&a/c doctor
You say that the clutch was changed with the original,but was just the front clutch plate changed or the clutch and hub complete?The 2 components run and wear together just like a gearbox clutch and thus the mating surfaces need to have an even friction surface for maximum grip.hth
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - graham2
Ok.Firstly,I live in Spain and 650euros plus IVA just aint cheap.Thats if you can get the main Ford dealer to obtain one.6 weeks and 85euros for a driveshaft support bearing says it all.Yes,I did change the whole clutch as a unit,the oil was measured to the specified quantity and yes,guess your right.The comp may just be b!!!!!!d.OK.I give up.Will have a new set of o-ring seals next week,or so Pedro says.Mind you,he's been saying that for the last three.That means I can hopefully re-fit my old comp,which apart from a leak from the seal, worked fine.I again thank you all very much for your time and will post result,good or bad,when I have one.
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - graham2
Hiya DaveN.Thanks again for your reply.Please trust me when I say that getting anything down here in Andalucia just aint easy.And as for cheap,650euros plus IVA and no time quote is a no go.In a country where air-con is so widley used it's a joke.Anyway,thats the moan out of the way cos I would'nt change it.OK.The gap is .073mm.It has always run this gap on the old comp without fault.The oil qty was to manufacturers spec and everything is as tight as a tight thing.It's been suggested that maybe it's a simple case that the new/secondhand comp is just knackered and thats the end of it.I've got a new set of o-rings coming one of these days which means I can rebuild my old comp, which has done very little work, and maybe that will solve all my woes.It was only changed because of a leak from the main body seal which I'm told can happen from lack of use.The car has been rarely used in it's eight years and the problem only came to light when we had to sell the wifes car and start useing it on a regular basis.Sorry,this is getting like a letter to an old friend,hay ho.Thanks again
2000 focus estate 1600 petrol.Air-con problem - graham2
While I'm on here,and in fear of taking the pee.Anyone got any ideas on a faint knocking from under the car.Seems to be from the corners,front,back and often not at all.Is it just my Focus being difficult cos I cant find anything with the slightest play or signs of wear in it.It's just passed it's ITV/MOT and even telling the examiner did'nt help.He could'nt find anything either.

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