What is better - a hydrogen powered car or an EV?

Having bought a new petrol powered car, I was interested to hear the Government bring forward the date for banning the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles. As I live in a block of flats and park in the surrounding roads, I don't see charging an electric vehicle as being practical. Do you think hydrogen-powered cars will become more 'mainstream', as it only takes a couple of minutes to refuel these?

Asked on 19 February 2020 by J Gardner

Answered by Andrew Brady
In some ways, hydrogen cars make a lot of sense. It's a readily available fuel source and refuelling is much quicker than charging an EV. The hydrogen cars already on sale also have longer ranges than electric vehicles. That said, the industry seems to be going more down the electric route. There are lots more electric car chargers than hydrogen filling stations. The cost of hydrogen cars are also very expensive. There'd have to be a huge swing in the industry if hydrogen cars were to become more mainstream than electric vehicles.
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