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01 316 missfire and flat spot. - EuRoJuNk
This one is a real headache. It started a few weeks ago, when driving if i was to floor the accelerator there would be a slight miss fire, it was more apparent when slowing down then flooring it. So i took it to the garage they said it was the air flow sensor pipe charged me £110, only for it to be even worse. Now when im even in neutral and just floor it the engine will nearly cut out and then kick in but more severe than before, this happens in any gear that i want quick acceleration.
Another garage has looked at it that has all the diagnostic equipment, and according to the computers the car is running sound. So the next thing is he is going to do is call a Auto electrician. Any ideas please.

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01 316 missfire and flat spot. - Screwloose

Where did the new MAF sensor come from? Was it really juddering on the over-run?
01 316 missfire and flat spot. - EuRoJuNk
Not sure as garage went on and bought and fitted it then charged me.
New news now, got it back from the second garage on the drive home no difference. But next day i drove it the engine management light came on, no problems at all on miss fires, but instead it now runs VERY rich, the MPG gauge which would usually run around 50MPG now at 20 min. I drove it today and no management light on. but still runs rich. As the garage told me that he has done nothing except clean conections.
01 316 missfire and flat spot. - Screwloose

Nearly all non-dealer's MAF sensors are counterfeit and useless. They often cause excessively rich running.

What code is putting the light on?
01 316 missfire and flat spot. - EuRoJuNk
Well got to the fault of this. like yo said wrong MAF sensor fitted not a BMW part. Also O2 sensor number 1 faulty. So £130 O2 sensor....£240 MAF air flow sensor....................happy days.....................DAMN CARS..........................
01 316 missfire and flat spot. - Screwloose

No 1 oxygen sensor was probably sooted solid from the rubbish MAF's over-fuelling.

Still; glad to hear it's fixed - at a price....

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