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Help me choose an easy to maintain car - oilfilter
After 2 years of endless problems with my company car a Pug 307 I gave up and decided to get something which is easy to maintain DIY.

I drive about 60 miles a day and when I say easy to maintain i mean a car like it use to be 10 years ago, if I need to replace a burnt out bulb I can just go and do it in 5 minutes, a car that is frugal on diesel and servicing don't cost the earth.

Got to be a used one as we are a 'green' business and easy to maintain as we have our own workshop. I had a look at a 2004 Rover 45 Diesel and a Civic 2002 cDti, what do you think?

Help me choose an easy to maintain car - madf
I service my Own Yris Diesle. Haynes manual .
Dead easy.

Help me choose an easy to maintain car - maltrap
i'm biased because i've owned 5 vw's in the last 15 years and found them extremely durable and reliable. i've always done my own servicing and found them straightforward.my previous cars had all been rovers which were nowhere near as durable and slightly less reliable. i wouldn't recommend paying main dealer servicing prices.
Help me choose an easy to maintain car - jc2
Very little servicing on modern cars-usually an oil & filter change and a look round any safety-related items.
Help me choose an easy to maintain car - mss1tw

My 2002 SEAT Toledo TDI was brilliant to service - oil filter on top of the engine, could change it in a suit if you felt so inclined. Fuel filter easy, ditto air filter.

Coolant easy to refill and no bleeding needed.

Great engines, those 1.9 TDIs. All it needs is a chain cam drive to be perfect.

306 - pain.
Mk 4/5 Fiestas - reasonable.

Help me choose an easy to maintain car - gramar

I agree with maltrap and mss 1tw, go VW group.

I own a 199 VW Polo TDI (90) estate. I've had it 6 years. Now on 92k. uses no oil, does 60mpg year on year. I've never had to replace, battery, discs, pads or shoes. Just routine oil, fliters and coolant + a set of glow plugs as a precaution and the rear section of the exhaust gave up. Any external light bulb can be changed in minutes too. Indy servicing by a trusted 'old school' mechanic (who knows his stff) costs between £120-£150 every 10k. Body is as new and tyres last well too. Just find a good one and don't look back.

All my previous cars Vauxhall and a single Renault and good old British Leyland (who remembers the Marina and the Allegro? were carp in comparision.

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