Insignia or Mondeo

My son is needing to buy a car of the size of an Insignia or a Mondeo, as he is about to start a family.

He is looking at about £8/9,000.

He can get a newer Insignia than a Mondeo, but looking on your site there appear to be many problems with the Insignia?

Have you any thoughts please?

Also, he does about 15k miles a year, so petrol or diesel?

Many thanks

Tim Lambert

Asked on 24 January 2014 by Timbo101

Answered by Honest John
Theres a good reason why used Insignias are cheaper than used Mondeos: they aren't as good. But from a family point of view the main failing is comparative lack of space in the back seat. 15k a year, probably a Mondeo 2.0TDCI, despite the increased maintenance ands repair costs.
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