03 1.8 Fuel Gauge Calibrations, what do they mean? - moggie
On my 2003 1.8IXS the instument dials are white. Now, the fuel gauge has two black dots on the right of the gauge which must just be the fixings? or do they mean anything?
There are then two lines , one at about 'twenty to' an one at about 'ten to'. Are these indications of empty and full, as when the gauge drops to the lower line or thereabouts the little yellow petrol pump light comes on (intermittently), but there is still a long way to go to the right of this line and I am afraid I will run out of fuel.
Can anyone explain this to me. Have I still fuel in when the yellow pump light appears? Also, what if I fill the tank completely. Will it just reach the upper 'ten to' line, or will it go past there. I am really confused.

One other thing - these white dials are not very clear especially at night and I can't find a rheostat to adjust them.

Thanks everyone


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Fuel Gauge Calibrations - what do they mean? - Screwloose

What does the handbook say?
Fuel Gauge Calibrations - what do they mean? - Armitage Shanks {p}
As Screwloose asks - what does the book say? Specifically, it will tell you what the continuous illumination of the Fuel Low amber light means. It usually says something like "When the light comes on steady you have X Gallons of fuel left" and you can turn that into a distance for yourse,lf based on how hard you drive
Fuel Gauge Calibrations - what do they mean? - moggie
Thanks both of you. Yes, I did look in the handbook, but the picture of the fuel gauge there showed more calibration lines than I actaually have on my car - I only have two which must be full and empty! The book did say when the little orang pump icon aomes on then I have about 1.8 gallons left in tank. Also the tank is 55 litres.

So this morning I put in 25 litres of petrol and this did bring it up to about half full - so the bottom line on my dial must be the 'empty' indicating line. Thanks again to you both.

My point about the rheostat for the dash lighting - looing in the book nothing is mentioned, so i suppose there is no adjustment.

Thanks again

Fuel Gauge Calibrations - what do they mean? - yorkiebar
Not got a 45 to hand to look at for you; but I dont remember any adjustment for dash lighting on them. Seem to recall same problem for a customer.

Lots of other electrics but not that!

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