2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
I have just spent £1700 on repiars for my car but am STILL suffering problems. Having replaced the engine (reconditioned), clutch, manifold and various other pieces. When they were road testing, the car kept stalling when coming to a stop, but then starting first time again. The garage also got a full diagnostic carried out and the engine was set up correctly.

However, the car has started stalling again - when I am driving on the dual carriageway at speed then coming to a stop, the revs drop and I need to rev the engine to keep it live. The car is OK when driving slowly around town, but it is jumping a little when I put my foot down.

This whole saga has been ongoing for almost three months and am starting to loose faith in the garage. I feel like just selling the car buts it only worth about £1500 so would be making a huge loss.

Any advice????

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1.8 LX - car stalling - DP
This sounds like a sticking idle control valve, which also doesn't log a fault code so won't necessarily show up on a test rig.

What does it idle like, when it's not stalling that is? Do the revs settle at the correct speed, or is there any hunting?

2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Turtle1966
Sounds similar to the problems I had last year on my 2.0 petrol..

Ford Dealer diagnosed "Idle Speed Control Valve".

I cleaned the MAF sensor with throttle cleaner and also the idle speed control valve with the same.

Problem solved.

I'm guessing these parts were kept from the original vehicle, when the engine was changed etc?
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
Thanks guys for the reply

yes these parts were kept.

When idling it sounds OK, its just when I am coming to stop the car just stalls. It goes to a very low rev as I am coming to stop, then just stalls altogether.
The car is also 'jumping' intermittantly when driving in town at low speeds. For example, if I am in 3rd gear at low revs then put my foot down, I get two or three very short jumps then it drives fine. Is this related?

I am sure the garage said they have looked at the valve already but will mention it again.
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Turtle1966
Symptoms are exactly like my 2.0

Get some throttle body cleaner (carb cleaner) and check out both the MAF sensor and ISCV.

Ford Dealer wanted upwards of £100 to replace the ISCV, and as a "short term" fix disconnected the wiring to the MAF (simple to do - black connector on the top of the air intake inlet). This solved it temporarily (proving the MAF needed cleaning!)...
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
Thanks Turtle1966,

Did your problem mainly occur when driving at speed? Around town it seems OK as the revs don't get to high?

How can I put this to the garage - I dont want them to tell them how to do there job!!??
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Turtle1966
Problem was mainly noticeable when slowing. Often stalling when negotiating a roundabout! Interesting with the power steering failing at such short notice!

If you want the garage to sort it, ask them to clean the MAF and ISCV. Once they've done that, give it a go and see if its fixed!

In the mean time, try taking the black connector off the air intake inlet (MAF) and see if it helps?
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
Ha Ha, same happened to me at lunchtime!

Will let you know how I get on.

Cheers for your help.
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
I have spoken with the garage and they have said that they put a NEW Idle Speed Control Valve on the car, so they are at a total loss.
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Screwloose

Have they checked - thoroughly - for air leaks into the breather hoses or the inlet manifold?

Stalling when coming to rest, but idling correctly, is often an air leak - on these, the breather hose right down the back of the engine would be favourite. They split longways and then suck the edges inwards, so you don't hear anything.
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
I will mention it to them....but when idling it doesnt seem happy. The engine just seems a little lumpy, but before the car went in it was rattly (which was the manifold) but idled perfect.
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - normd2
my uncle used to use oil aerosols years ago to detect leaks, he'd skoosh the spray around until the engine note changed - was this a bit dangerous or still valid?
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Screwloose

As Doc pointed out the other day; sprays containing even traces of silicone can have very bad effects on oxygen sensors.

Sprays like brake cleaner are pure enough not to cause that problem, but watch your eyebrows, as they're highly inflammable [flammable?] - although they flare off so fast that they rarely do any damage.
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - normd2
Screwloose - that reminds me to thank-you for reminding me about the carb-cleaner for my stalling problem - didn't touch the stepper motor thing though....
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Richie_green
Hi all,

An update on my problem, the garage have it back and they have suspected an EGR problem which has caused teh bad idle, misfire and stalling. The idle speed control valve was already replaced.
Hope this is the end of the saga!
2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - Saltrampen
I have heard on earlier Mondeos, the EGR valve was vacuum controlled and could be blanked off to improve problems. (Apparently easy to do yourself).
On later models I believe it is electronic. Not sure if all Mk3's are electronic or not, later ones are but maybe something changed in the 2003 makeover.
Maybe an emission test might highlight possible EGR problems?
First thing would be to check connections to EGR valve are sound.

2001 1.8 LX - car stalling - DP
I have heard on earlier Mondeos the EGR valve was vacuum controlled and could be
blanked off to improve problems. (Apparently easy to do yourself).

That was certainly true on the mk1/2 TD models, and yes it was a doddle. Pull off the vacuum pipe from the side of the valve, insert a tight fitting ball bearing or similar "obstruction" into the pipe, and reconnect it.

Mine never gave any trouble though, so I can't comment on the effect. It comes highly recommended on the Mondeo Enthusiast's site, however.


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