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'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - bathtub tom
Sister-in-law's staying with us, and moaning the dealer has not reset this after service.
Does anyone know if there's an easy way, or is it back to the dealer? It's currently showing 'inspection due'.
'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - Screwloose
The complication is knowing whether it's on fixed or longlife intervals.

This could have been supplied before longlife servicing was quietly dropped.

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'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - bathtub tom
I've raided her door pockets, and found:
'Variable servicing and long-life oil' booklet which says - All new Skoda cars (except the Fabia) are now manufactured with the variable service regime................

However the Skoda Fabia owner's manual includes a description for 'vehicles with extended service intervals (QG1 and QG2)'???????

I've decided from reading between the herrings of a cerise hue that it's on fixed service intervals (QG0), and she maintains it had a service, not just an oil change.

Reading further tells me how to reset it using the trip reset and ignition. Sorry everyone for wasting you time.
'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - Screwloose

No worries; even these can be set to variable; [the dealers are now told to set everything to fixed unless the customer request otherwise.]

Re-setting with the trip button returns it to fixed intervals anyway - to stay on variable needs a scanner to re-set it.
'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - wrangler_rover
How do you reset it, can somebody please tell me of point me to the procedure?

I now get my 54 plate 1.2 fabia serviced at a local independant and hence, the display is now flashing up inspection due.
'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - maltrap
this worked on my wifes polo' 1.switch off ignition. 2. press & hold down,trip reset button.3.switch on ignition & release reset button.4.turn reset button clockwise,display returns to normal.5 switch off ignition to complete resetting procedure.
'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - bathtub tom
This is correct for re-setting 'variable service intervals', and returns it to 'fixed service intervals', as Screwloose pointed out.

The instructions are in the owners manual (page 15 I think).

If it's showing 'Insp', then:
Press and hold down trip reset button.
Turn on ignition, while still holding down reset button
After ten seconds (says the book) it will be reset, and return to trip reading, release the trip reset.

Let us know how you get on.

Edited by bathtub tom on 24/02/2008 at 10:46

'54, 1.2, service indicator reset - wrangler_rover
Thanks Bathtub Tom.
Your method works fine.
I've stopped taking my Skoda to a main dealer after the last service they did, I took it there for the stamp in the book to keep the warranty. They didn't replace the screenwash resevoir top, 1 tyre valve cap was missing & 1 tyre valve cap was cross threaded, I expect better for £175.
When I complained, my attitude was if you can't get simple things right, what chance do you stand with anything important like an oil change etc. Their attitude was, we get the major things right, it's no big deal if me mess up the minor things.

Since that episode, I've voted with my feet & gone to an independant that I trust.

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