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fuel consumption & reliability of Getz 1.4gsi auto - geoffwetagain
any one out there got any opinions/experiance on the getz 1.4gsi automatic, fuel consumption, reliability & customer service etc. Thanks
fuel consumption & reliability of Getz 1.4gsi auto - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Can only comment on SWMBO manual version.

37mpg round town. 42mpg on fastish motorway run/Lake District weekend.
Ride can be a little harsh and little bouncy at times and not a car to throw around as the steering is a bit disconnected.Comfortable and well equipped, roomy enough for most purposes.
No contact with customer service in 10 months. No problems.
fuel consumption & reliability of Getz 1.4gsi auto - christo
My Father in Law has owned a Getz 1.4gsi auto for a couple of years now. It's a main dealer vehicle with low mileage by a previous local owner. Comments he had early on were its relatively poor mpg which was (and still is) 33 - 38mpg which I thought very poor, especially compared to other similar cars. Otherwise, lot of car for the money, roomy, good spec and reasonable build quality.
Main dealers have been ok but haven't managed to give a satisfactory answer to the poor mpg. Having said that, short local runs to the shops etc will not give good mpg but I thought it would be better than it is.......his old Hyundai Lantra 1.6 auto would give 40mpg easily!!
fuel consumption & reliability of Getz 1.4gsi auto - Happy Blue!
Small car, small engine, auto gear box = poor economy. Always has, always will.

We have had a Hyundai for 3 1/2 years - a Trajet. Reliability has been fine. Dealers reasonable. A few minor issues. but the car is treated by SWMBO and the kids as a rubbish tip so it is a simple workshorse that copes.

I have driven several Getzs and they have always seemed to be likeable vehicles.

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