2004 1.2DSi Key Coding - monkeyboyo
Anyone know whether key can be coded myself, or by autoelectrician ?
Have successfully coded keys before on other cars without having to go the Main Dealer route. Just changed a broken lock and need to code that key to the car.

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2004 1.2DSi Key Coding - grease monkey
trip to the dealers im afraid,need to be connected to honda HDS to reprogram,make sure you take all the keys you have as it will render any spares inoperable if not all done at the same time !!
2004 1.2DSi Key Coding - monkeyboyo
Thanks for the quick reply Greasemonkey.
I'm presuming i need a new drivers door lock. Noticed the other day that part of door card was loose, so gave it a bang with my fist. Next day, door lock would not work - a real struggle to get the key in, and once in would not turn at all. I figured something dropped out of place, so i stripped the whole door and removed the lock barrel today. It is no better out than it was in, so I'm presuming that one bang to the doorcard caused some problem inside the barrel (difficult to believe really) or its just a big coincidence.
There was no previous problem with the lock.

Must say that removing that lock barrel was THE most tricky thing i have ever done in car DIY.
My mechanic gave up trying to remove the clip after an hour, and I persevered for a few hours more, with a home made hook, a headtorch and a dentist's mirror !.

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