Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
'Er indoors Getz is due it's third service/mot in a couple of weeks. Before I ring the local dealer (who is a multi franchise and has a poor reputation) does anyone have a ballpark figure of what they should be charging. I wouldn't put it past them to try and bump the price up.

The car theoretically has another two years warranty to run, but I bet it's pretty selective in what it covers.
Servicing Costs - davmal
Don't know about the service cost, but my experience of Hyundai warranties has been very positive, though I have only had three problems with three cars covering 150,000 miles, requiring warranty work, which is why I keep buying them (plus no right minded scumbag would steal one, incase his mates saw him in it). Maybe it's just the dealer I use that keeps it simple.
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
Well had a ring around (and once I'd managed to convince them that a 1.3Gsi Getz does exist) I have been quoted between £160-190. I asked what this covered and they said oil,filter and anti-freeze. With the £50 MOT, quite an expensive trip.

I had to check I hadn't rang the BMW Dealer.

I'm going to try the local fast fit and get them to use a genuine Hyundai filter. Frankly, at those prices I'd be tempted to do it myself and forget about the remaining two years warranty.
Servicing Costs - Falkirk Bairn
Phone another Hyundai dealer or 2 or 3

Prices vary so worth a try
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
Rang three. Two at £160, one at £190. That's without the MOT.
Servicing Costs - stunorthants26
Were you not able to buy a sevicing pack when you bought the car? They have been doing them for atleast 3 years. My mums Coupe V6 had a 5 year/50k sevicing pack purchased with it when new which cost £800, its brilliant value at £160 a year on a car far more complex than the Getz.

Some comfort for you though chap - My Suzuki Carry van had its second year service before xmas - £230 for oil/filter and brakes service inc fluid. My independant local will do all that for less that £100!
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
Car bought second hand 12 months ago. It's been faultless (if dull), just wasn't expecting Mercedes Benz prices for servicing.
Servicing Costs - Falkirk Bairn
5yr warranty applies only if Hyundai Service Stamsp - fast fit does not count IIRC
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
As long as it's been serviced at a VAT approved garage using Genuine parts then it doesn't (shouldn't!) matter.

Although I would expect them to use every squirm tactic they could should a claim be necessary.
Servicing Costs - Falkirk Bairn
As long as it's been serviced at a VAT approved garage using Genuine parts then
it doesn't (shouldn't!) matter.

For the 1st part of new car warranty any VAT garage rule applies - 2 yrs or 3 yrs

Exception are extended warranty beyond 2/3 years

With the Hyundai 5 year warranty a Hyundai stamp is amust (IIRC)
Servicing Costs - jbif
With the Hyundai 5 year warranty a Hyundai stamp is amust (IIRC)

Not true, at least as far as I understand from their T&C.
Hyundai's is a full manufacturer backed 5 year warranty.
See details on their website.

Servicing Costs - Alby Back
I would advise checking out the cost at a couple of local independent garages. I never use main dealers to service my cars whether they be new or otherwise and provided they use the proper branded parts it is not in my experience an issue with the warranty.
I posted somewhere else recently that I calculated the servicing costs of the last 100k miles on my car at less than £850 in total by using my local indy. My wife's car which does a lot less miles has cost less than £200 in servicing in four years by using the same guy.
Servicing Costs - madf
£50 MOT is high: my local garage charges £40.

Servicing Costs - gordonbennet
Midlifecrisis, your definately not in the MB pricing dept at £190, more like 390+ for a similar job, and dont ask how much BM quoted for supply and fit rear brake pads, on a 320 compact.

TBH i dont think the prices youve been quoted are that bad, especially if the dealer is using synthetic oil.

At the end of the day, if your paying an extra £80 per year for the dealer to put his stamp on, i reckon thats a small price to pay for that warranty peace of mind.
Servicing Costs - MVP
I had our Forester done at a Subaru garage up to the year 3 service/MOT/end of guarantee, then moved to my local indi - reckon the few quid extra for the dealer stamp is worth it up to this point.

(The only thing needed was a new battery, which Subaru replaced without question.)


Servicing Costs - daveyjp
£160 doesn't seem OTT to me, especially as it involves a coolant change. Shop around for your MOT.

BTW MB were charging that for a basic smart service 5 years ago!
Servicing Costs - Bill Payer
Just make sure the price includes VAT - garages around me seem to have developed the habit of quoting ex-VAT prices recently. I had quite a "discussion" with one of them about it!
Servicing Costs - Falkirk Bairn
Just make sure the price includes VAT - garages around me seem to have developed
the habit of quoting ex-VAT prices recently. I had quite a "discussion" with one of
them about it!


My son phone 3 x BMW dealers for a service cost.

From memory it was £400, £360 and £300 - on going to pay he was told by the £300 garage it was £300 + VAT - £353 - at this he exploded as he said he would not have travelled £60 miles to save £7. Of course he was passing anyway and spent the day shopping etc etc but the Verbal Contract was for £300........ Their Price Board did not make it clear. 5 minutes later the bill is £255+ VAT = £300

5 minutes worth spending. The "Chief Receptionist" said all 5 series we have a business cars and VAT does not matter! My son then said "All Business cars maybe" but I pay for my cars with money in my pocket - which is true. Although he has a company and a VAT number he does not run a car through the company.
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
Took the car into a little Indie near to me whose been around donkeys years for it's mot today. (Pleased to say it sailed through). I got confirmation he was VAT registered, asked him for the price of a service using Hyundai parts.

Response...........£30. After picking myself off the floor, arrangement made to book in straight away. :)

Servicing Costs - Dave N
Where does it say it has to be a VAT reg. garage? You can do it yourself, as long as it's done competently, to the manufacturers recommendation, and using equivilent quality parts. Since when has VAT registration implied a level of competence.
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
It has to be VAT registered to keep the warranty intact. It's nothing to do with competence.
Servicing Costs - Dave N
It has to be VAT registered to keep the warranty intact. It's nothing to do
with competence.

Where does it say that?
Servicing Costs - midlifecrisis
Finally got the car serviced at the local Indy today. Nice little set up in Upton upon Severn. Nice price and he talked me through what he'd done. He said he given the rest of the car a check over and topped up all the other fluids where necessary. Thing is, I felt like he had actually done what he'd said he'd done and it had been done well. It's nice to go away from somewhere, feeling like you've actually had decent service.

Compare this to the Hyundai dealer (a multi-franchise operation) and they of the £190 quote. I went in to pick the oil filter up yesterday. After being completely ignored for five minutes as staff walked past me, I was (again) promptly told that a 1.3 Getz doesn't exist. Then I was told I would need the chassis number to get the correct part (I'm sure we all memorise our chassis numbers). I was rapidly losing patience and told them to just give me a bloomin oil filter. Then someone made a phone call to a customer to tell them they couldn't complete a job because they'd ordered the wrong parts. I walked out vowing that the muppets would never be allowed within 100ft of the car.

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Servicing Costs - madf
I am afraid your experience is common. Went into Peugeot dealers for parts for son's 106
(downpipe gasket plus sump gasket).

I will point out that the Part Department is 100% empty apart from me so any suggestion of being busy etc is rubbish.

Do you have your chassis no? Nope.
Sorry can't help... some had gaskets on sump, some not , exhaust gaskets vary etc.

But it's a bog standard 106 1.0 1996 you produced in millions..

No Can't help.
(didnot even look at Microfilm - did not want to know)

Went round to local motor factor.
Factor consulted book.

No sump gasket needed : use liquid sealant. And the exhaust gasket is...

5 mins later left with gasket.

Frankly the attitude stinks. No wonder our local factors (Potteries Motor Factors) appear to be doing well.

Remind me never to buy a Peugeot of any shape or sort again.

(Our local Ford and Toyota Dealers are 100% different: excellent service)

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Servicing Costs - KB.
In Feb. 08 the BR covered Hyundai servicing costs. The obvious question was raised...... Can I still maintain my 5 yr warranty and have it serviced at an independant garage?

'midlifecrisis', who was asking about servicing, made the following point........"It has to be VAT registered to keep the warranty intact. It's nothing to do with competence".

Which elicited the following............."Where does it say that?"

Taken from the Hyunda website......

"The Routine Maintenance Service Record is THE ONLY PROOF that the vehicle has been correctly serviced and that the warranty is valid. All routine maintenance servicing must be supported by a VAT invoice to provide adequate proof that the vehicle has been maintained correctly to reduce the risk of the manufactures Warranty being invalidated. The Routine Maintenance Service Record within the booklet must still be completed. The invoices must detail the Servicing Garage Name, Address, VAT number, Details of the Service carried out and parts that have been replaced etc."

So in black and white it must be a VAT registered garage - as most already suspected. The problem is, of course, you don't get any manufacturers updates or TSB's implemented and you probably lose any percieved goodwill of the dealer when you go to him with a warranty problem. So you either pay top money for the routine servicing or go elsewhere and risk grief as described.

What have people been paying to service an i10?

Be pleased to hear. Thanks.
Servicing Costs - KB.
Sorry mods....should I have started a new thread?

Hope you'll amend as required. Thanks.
Servicing Costs - Miller
There was a thread going round a while back about 3-4 year old Corsa's requiring engine rebuilds. It seems that the owners that had full Vauxhall main dealer history were being offered much better out of warranty goodwill payments towards repairs than those who did not.......