(95-99) 2.0 16V auto - ECU light occasionally on. - siddy1945
Hi could the fault with the exhaust gas recirculating (valve) be causing the problem I am having? The motor is a VECTRA CD AUTO 2.0 16V. The problem is every now and then. It happened this morning, last time was about 3 days ago.
When I am driving the power drops of and then come straight back on again without stalling, The EMI lights come on but there is no fault with a paper clip test. I have done all the things suggested. But it is still happening. Thanks for any help SID

{Post refomatted. No mention of year - despite 2 sticky messages and a further prompt under the subject header asking for this information TO BE INCLUDED IN THE SUBJECT HEADER! (along with the engine details). So I have used the year ranges from the pull down menu for now}

{ps, this one nearly got deleted. Lucky for you that you caught me in a generous mood}

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(95-99) 2.0 16V auto - ECU light occasionally on. - Richard Huddleston
Our 1.8 auto's the same. Sometimes it gets no worse & goes off again, sometimes it stalls (dangerous). I replaced the camshaft sensor (email me for tips if you do this) which helped but didn't cure it. Previous respondents said try the crankshaft sensor, I haven't tried that yet. We had a Cavalier which had the ECU light on constantly for months to no ill effect.

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