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Are there any particular things to look out for if I am thinking about buying a Cat C or D Cars.

What is the difference between Cat C & D?

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What is the difference between Cat C & D?

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Just my thoughts, but I probably wouldn't buy a Cat C write off. At least with a Cat D write off, its only a write off because the insurer chose to write it off (if that makes sense), whereas with a Cat C it is uneconomic to repair, hence the need to inspect it before it goes back on the road.

Quite often I think cars are written off not because of the damage, but because of the cost of hiring a car during the repair (the X5 I had cost about £700 for the week when the Terracan was having a new bumper on).

I bought a Cat D Shogun just before Christmas, being stolen/recovered with an immobiliser problem. In the end, the only problems were ABS sensor and a multiblok electrical connector failure, coupled with a fuel tank full of contaminants (probably from being stood for 6 months). So, so far the total cost has been about £6K (£4K for the car, £2K for the repairs), against a dealer price for between £8 & £10K.

I do need to sort out an oil leak on it though! (its only about £300, so still in the money)

What type of car are you looking for, and what part of the country? Might be able to recommend some salvage yards!
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I know im a little late now.....however...

In this day and age there is no difference between cat C & D. I deal in these cars from online insurance company auctions ( you can get them stupidly cheap. Some are cat c, some are d.

I have noticed that even if a car is massively smashed to hell with airbags off can be a cat D as the insurance company know they can sell it for more! nothing to do with damage.

Equally.,,,,a cat c can be pretty much keyscratched depending on the car. I bought a few cat c's from copart ranging from 106's, 206's and 307 peugeots. The peugeot was Cat C's with a small scratch on the front bumper and a dented door....

DO NOT be put off buying one of these.....however they will limit insurance companies that will insure it.....however they do insure for the FULL market value :-)

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Glad you came in, even if late. Is it feasible, and economical, for an ordinary bloke to buy a 'less damaged car' and have it repaired by small garages and workshops? How does one go about it?


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