New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - naik72
Dear all, can you help?

I am looking to change my faithful old PUG 406 1.8 to something a bit newer and a bit more up market. My requirements are as follows in no particular order
- Reliability, economical, reasonable maintainance cost, comfort/smooth ride, low to average mileage.

I do about 10k a year and have a bit of a short list for you to comment on

Volvo S60 D5, BMW 320D, SAAB 93 1.9(150), JAG X TYPE 2.0dse,

any comments would be very much appreciated.

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New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - PW
If looking for something up market would discount the Saab personally. Drove one last year (pre facelift eco model) and it did not feel like a premium product at all. To me it felt very very ordinary inside, with lots of cheap looking dull grey plastic. Only drove it for 20 or so miles, so couldnt say what was like to live with long term. But after that test have no desire to find out.

Fathers been running a V70 D5 and has been an excellent car, very comfortable but can be costly to service, but guess will be the same for any premium product. In over 5 years with it not had any problems.

Close friends had a couple of 320Ds, and they have been extremely frugal and reliable. Also found some good non franchise specialists to work on the car at reasonable rates. Found them very comfortable- and has a long daily commute.

No idea about the Jag, apart from having a Mondeo with same engine- which thought was excellent.
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - MichaelR
Don't get a diesel, get a petrol. You will get a newer, nicer, better specified 320i, 325i or 330i (All 6 cylinder, all the same running costs/fuel economy) for the money you'd spend on a 320d.

You only do 10k a year, this is not enough to save a noticeable amount of money in fuel by picking a diesel.

I estimate that a 320i will be £1000-£2000 less than the same specification age and mileage 320d. It will also have a 2.2 litre 170bhp inline six, and sound better.
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - Falkirk Bairn
With a 330i you get performance and the "teens in MPG" if you use it.

If you trail around towns and cities it has to be a diesel or a 316/318/320 to get reasonable mpg
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - MichaelR
Do you speak with any sort of experience at all, or just the guesswork that leads people to buy a diesel they dont need?

For a start a 320 and a 330 will deliver virtually the same fuel consumption. They are both 6 cylinder M54 engines, the only difference between them is that one displaces 2271cc and the other 2979cc. There is a difference of just 1mpg on the combined cycle.

Secondly, from a manual, you'll get 20-22 around town, 28-34 on a run.

Over 10,000 miles the difference in fuel costs, even at mid 20's mpg, will not amount to enough to justify the extra cost in buying a same age/spec/plate 320d.
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - naik72
Thank you for your comments. My 10 -12k is very much town based with the odd motorway journey. I suppose reflecting on my original comments, Reliability is probably the single most important issue for me and i am contemplating ruling out the Saab out as What Car readers reviews have not been too kind!!

i must say x type prices seem to dropping by the day making them good value?
i also like the s60 d5 but am worried about maintance costs?
With regard to the BMW, its rock solid in probabaly all varients but the others are probabaly going to be much newer for the same price?? confused

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New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - scotty
I faced a very similar choice about 6 months back.

I ruled out the Jag after driving one. I didn't like the oversteer, found it cramped and the headroom in the back was too restricted for my 15 year old son.

I went for a 530d for a bit over £7K - been great so far in the 10K miles I've put on her. True I'm doing more per year then you.

New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - scotty
oops - I meant understeer, of course.
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - Avant
If your shortlist is a definite one after ruling others out - ignore me. If not, and you want a prestige badge, think about an Audi A4, or a Honda Accord. When you say 'upmarket' presumably you don't want a Mondeo / Vectra or even an Avensis - but Honda's image is deservedly better and an Accord might suit you, although there may not be many diesels around within your budget.

You may have other reasons than economy for wanting a diesel, but it could be worth trying some of your choices as petrol-powered, particularly if you're willing to look at an Accord. There seems to be a lot of evidence of high repair costs when diesels get older.
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - MichaelR
If reliability is a huge issue this is yet another reason to get a petrol instead of a diesel. A 6 cylinder 3 Series, for example, has neither the injector issues nor the turbocharger issues the diesel variants have.

A4 is a good shout but same applies - get a 3.0 Quattro becuase you may as well. Nobody else wants one, the prices are very good, and you dont do high mileage.

As for Honda Accord - if he wants a prestige badge a Honda wont cut it. Honda are equivilent to Ford. Infact, judging by the last Accord I was in, Honda are below Ford in the quality stakes compared to the new Mondeo.
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - naik72
Thank you for comments again, i tell you this car buying lark is really confusing??

I suppose i would not rule out an Audi or Honda.

With the Audi i have been told that the 1.9tdi would be too agricultural for my needs and i am not sure about the petrol variants, some guidance here would be helpful. I would
rule out the quattro as it is the antithesis to what i require.

The honda would be considered if it were cheap, i believe both diesel and petrol are ok, but nothing special.

Comments and guidance would be helpful
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - Honestjohn
Remember the 100% first year write down for a car under 121g/km could end on 31st March.



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New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - naik72
what about A4 2.0fsi are they anygood?
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - naik72
passat 2.0tdi?
New car after March. Budget: 8-9k - Avant
The A4 and Passat are similar, and the petrol and diesel engines are mostly the same. You'll get a newer Passat for your money: an Octavia (again mostly the same engines) is almost as roomy as the Passat but built on the Golf platform, and you'll get a newer one still.

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