Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

I have been checking out various websites with interest as to what the new shape Honda Accord 2008-9 will look like.

If you print in " new shape Honda Accord 2008" and click on " Honda Accord 2008 Car of the Year Contender-motor (

Also under the same heading on the Google page, click on " Spy Photos 2008 Honda Accord (

Also " new Honda Accord '08" under the same Google heading as before (

" is this the 2008 Honda Accord?" ( ( under the same Google heading in the search as before.

I just wonder if anyone has an idea which website has the true new shaped Honda Accord? I see that the car is extremely popular in the USA. The Motor Trend one seemed the most likely to me. They have made that back seat wider and more comfortable which was necessary for the middle adult sitting in the back.
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

I actually got a review of the latest Honda Accord in the USA.

Print in " Honda Accord reviews" in to the Google search. Then click on the heading" 2008 Honda Accord consumer Guide Automotive". That gives a propper review of the new model in the States. I don't know if it will be the same car in UK and Ireland.

Sorry I know very little about computers; but I just thought I should mention that.
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

I have just seen the new American Honda Accord on youtube!!
Honda Accord new shape? - drivewell
Acura TSX is the US version of the UK Honda Accord. US Accord is different vehicle alltogether. Don't know if this will continue with the new model.
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

Thanks for letting me know. I hope the new european Accord will look good like the present one. I wasn't mad about the looks of the new USA car. The back is a bit bland and the front quite showy.
Honda Accord new shape? - Andy P
Pop along to Car magazine:

(link removed because it was all uploaded to car by car breakdown on the 11th. HJ)

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Honda Accord new shape? - Dulwich Estate
I'm not so sure about the front grille, but the estate looks handsome.
Honda Accord new shape? - Bill Payer
Apparently there's going to be a diesel auto version.

I dearly hope they put an auto box in the diesel CRV too.
Honda Accord new shape? - colinh
From another website "All three engines are mated to a six-speed manual gearbox as standard; the petrol units will be available with five-speed automatics from launch, while the diesel will get this as an option in early 2009."
Honda Accord new shape? - Dude - {P}
I'm not so sure about the front grille but the estate looks handsome.

I have to agree the front end picture of the saloon version looks horrendous, being far too bulbous - certainly hope it looks better when we see the Geneva launch photos
Honda Accord new shape? - Pendlebury
Honda have released a gallery of pictures for estate and saloon on it's UK website.
I like it.
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

Thanks very much for letting us all see new pictures of the Honda Accord. They are very interesting. I think they actually took a very bad picture of the front of the saloon. I think it will look much better in the metal.
Honda Accord new shape? - colinh
A well-known magazine states "Honda to push Accord upmarket", i.e., price increase.
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6
Andy P.

It is great to be able to look at these pictures of the new Honda Accord. Thanks very much for giving us that web address. I have to admit I am a little disappointed at the view of the front of the saloon. I have to wait and see what it looks like in the metal.
Honda Accord new shape? - ForumNeedsModerating
Cattleman6, I rather thought you were much wedded to the idea of a Mercedes C-class purchase - not deserting the fold are you? ;)
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

I truly love Mercedes Benz cars. In years to come, I would love to own an E Class Mercedes Benz. The C Class is a lovely car; but I am not happy with the lack of upper back support of the rear seat. That is why the E Class is a far superior car for both comfort and space. The ride is also so special. It will have to wait a while, as the price in Dublin is truly sky high. There are plenty of E Classes around though.
When recently in Cape Town I hired a 2.4 Honda Accord with automatic and tiptronic gearbox . The ride was quite hard; but that is because I had the sporty set up. I was very impressed with the quality. Unfortunately I don't think the new shape Accord saloon looks all that marvellous. The front looks very over done. When I see it in the metal I may change my mind.
I am certainly not being disloyal to Mercedes. I saw a scoop of the new shape E class in the Autocar Magazine of the 12 th December 2007. It looks absolutely fabulous in light metallic blue with alloys. I really hope the final product will look like that!!!!

I have decided to carry on for the moment with my 1999 Seat Toledo TdiSE 110 bhp. 1.9.
It continues to drive fabulously at almost 153,000 mile.
Honda Accord new shape? - rtj70
I have seen pictures depicting what the new Accord will look like and I think these have beeb the tourer. I do not like it!

If you're driving a high mileage VAG vehicle Cattleman6 then I'd look at (in the meantime) some other VAG cars like a fairly new Audi A4 (similar size to your car) or even an A6. I think Audi have interior ergonomics so sorted.

And if you're after new do not discount the soon to be release new Audi A4. A nice car and bigger and therefore more spacious than the previous model.
Honda Accord new shape? - rtj70
EDIT: Look here...

Not so bad maybe. But the new Mazda6 looks better to me. And that's from someone who prefers the previous Mazda6 to look at ;-)

And looking at some pics there I think there is some Chris Bangle design influence from BMW going on.

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Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

Thanks very much for the information and the connection to the Honda photos. I will definitely go along and check the new A 4 Audi 2.0 Diesel when it appears. It certainly seems to be a lovely car.
Honda Accord new shape? - rtj70
New Audi A4 will be here quite soon. I got two versions of the original A4 (1999 models) in SE and Sport trim. Liked them a lot. I do like how Audi do interiors. The SE though was an underpowered 1.8 with okay trim. The Sport was a 1.8T with spartan trim. Combine the two and it would have been good.

But only got them after my Golf was stolen and awaiting a write off. Company cars.

Have been unable to go for another Audi as it's not on the list. Previous A4 too small but new one looking good. But now has common rail diesel - either good or bad depending on who you ask ;-)
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6
I am rather upset to see that the new shape Accord seems to have rather an ugly ( ungainly) front. Maybe it will look better in the metal. It is obviously going to rather a good car in other ways.
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6
I actually looked over and sat in one of the new Audi A4s the other day. It seems a very nice car.
It will also be very interesting to see this new Accord!
Honda Accord new shape? - cattleman6

Sorry I meant, it will be interesting to see the new Honda Accord in the showroom. They are putting an interesting diesel engine into it.
With all these cars ( including the new Audi A4), it is a pity they don't improve the comfort of the middle rear seat. One is always sitting back against an armrest. Apart from that, I was impressed with the interior of the new Audi A4.

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