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05 2.0 Sport - alarm fault - Sprayman
The alarm on my 05 FRV 2.0 Sport has started to go off during the night, especially if it is frosty. Is this a common fault on Honda's? Does anyone know if there is a way of de-activating the alarm before the car and I gat an ASBO?

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05 2.0 Sport Alarm Fault - Slingers
I have the same problem with my FRV when it's cold frost the alarm goes off at all hours! Happy neighbours and wife!

Honda have had the car and off the record have admited that they have a problem with printed circuit boards in the alarm (dealer) but not HONDA UK don't wnat to own up at this point and have resorted to taking pictures of the interior oif the vehicle for their so called techies to find the problem that the user is the fault!

I find it a little disapointing considering they have had this problem on new civic CRV etc they seem reluctant to change the unit as they have tochange so many??? without really getting to the root cause of the problem??

Wonder what owners do in Norway??? can't be any or Honda have sorted it??

I will keep you posted but i am at this point dissapointed with Honda

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05 2.0 Sport Alarm Fault - Bill Black
I bought my '07 CR-V after four frustrating years of C5 ownership, safe in the knowledge that Japanese cars rate highly in all the stats, compared to Citroens anyway. Now I'm reading about all sorts of problems with Hondas and wondering if I should've stuck with the Cit. Since you ask; none of the problems I've read about so far, including temperature sensitive alarms, seem to have reached my corner of Norway - yet. My CR-V has spent some very cold, lonely nights without complaint so far, so I'm still hoping that Scandinavia-bound vehicles are of a slightly different spec. where it matters. I'd still feel happier with an all Japanese built car though, terrible thing to say I know, but there you are.
On the plus side; we had about four inches of snow here during the night which I know through bitter experience, would have stopped the C5 dead in its (front wheel drive) tracks, but the occasional 4x4 on the CR-V handled it all without a problem, hills and drifts included, which was really the object of the excercise.
05 2.0 Sport Alarm Fault - Doctor P
Yes, I have a similar problem with my FRV. There is a way of setting the alarm without activating the internal sensors (see manual) which seems to eliminate the problem in my car. Though clearly not an ideal solution, it may help you get some sleep! My dealer, who have been helpful, have replaced the 'sonics box' several times, but that doesn't seem to fix the problem.
05 2.0 Sport Alarm Fault - Slingers

the Honda Dealer has now disconnect the ultrasonics in the car as I was facing an asbo the cold nights -3 have set of the alarm every 1-2 hours without fail!

Now they have disconnected the sensor -4 no noise

Honda techies are scrating their heads or concentrating on their rubix cubes!

Delear has ordered a part on 4 week back order from Japan! Still I am happy I am sleeping and night and for the time being my marriage has been saved don't think I will be allowed another HONDA!

Will keep all posted on the Honda fix when and if I get one

05 2.0 Sport Alarm Fault - Jack Sprat

I have an 08 FRV 1.8 petrol and am very happy with it. Over past 8 weeks the same problem with the alarm has happened with this car and it is more noticeable in bad weather.

My dealer had the car in for a day but found 'no problem' but tried to show me how to disable the inside alarm saying the perimeter alarm would not be effected. I was not that happy and its getting pretty antisocial as it goes off in middle of the night

Can I ask what the part was and if it fixed the problem?

Many thanks

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05 2.0 Sport Alarm Fault - roma123
I too had the same problem with my 08 FRV the alarm going off day and night, especilly in cold weather. After four visits to the dealer (all of which found no faults) Honda UK have agreed that it is a known fault and are replacing the whole alarm system under warrenty. So I would go back and ask them to contact the techies at Honda UK.

Good Luck!

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