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My 2002 Ford Focus 1.6, 75,000 miles, manual gearbox, is making a noise when the engine is laboured under acceleration. The noise is quite loud, and a sort of grinding metallic clatter. There is no loss of performance when this happens, and no change to the engine noise.

It occurs when accelerating in any gear, at any speed, but does not occur when the engine is revved in neutral.

Finally, it only happens when the car is warmed up. It starts about 20 minutes into a journey, a long time after the engine has warmed up.

I have noticed some clutch slip recently, but only 1 or 2 isolated incidents when driving aggressively, so not sure if this is related.

Any suggestions?


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02, 1.6 - Noise on acceleration - Collos25
I think you really need to take to garage it sounds awfully like the big ends are going or a camshaft bearing problem but without actually hearing it it is almost impossible to tell.

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