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04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - blondegypsy
Hope somebody can help,
I bought Zafira 2.0 DTI on 04plate less than 2weeks ago,
A few days ago the EML came on first start up of the morning.
I let it tick over for about 30 secs, turned the engine off and restarted and the EML was gone.
It happens every day now on first start of the day, restarting gets rid of the EML.
I have had a zafira few years ago and my new one feels underpowered in comparison.

I have read the other post's but any further help would be really appreciated.

Many Thanks

Found tacked on to an old post in Discussion, moved it in here where you'll get the best help.

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04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - Screwloose

There are many possible reasons for the light to come on. Anything from a faulty temp sensor, through a stuck EGR valve, to a worn vacuum pump.

Your only sensible move is to have the fault-codes read by a garage and then we'll know what the ECU is seeing that upsets it.
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - Ruperts Trooper
If you only bought it 2 weeks ago, take it back to the garage and get them to fix it.

There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of faults which can put that light on. The code for the fault will be stored, so you need to get the fault code(s) read - cheaper at a good independent than a Vauxhall dealer.
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - blondegypsy
Thanks for that,
I took it to a vauxhall dealer. 8< Snip!.

They charged me £40 to check the codes,
They said that the glow plugs and barometric valve showed up on the codes.
They reset it and said if the light comes on again bring it back.
Next morning light came on, took it back and they said they would have to change the glow plugs and barometric valve,
They didnt stock either of these items so I had to come back again,
Took it in and they changed the plugs and valve £140.00 later and said that it was sorted.
As soon as I started it up, the light came back on,
Technician cleared the codesand said that it would be ok,
Light came back on by the time I got home.
As it was the end of the day, could I bring back tomorrow,
Brought it back and they looked at the codes again and said it was now the boost pressure sensor,
Left the car with them again and the next day returned to £130 bill and no light,Hooray!
The next day started the car and drove 35 miles to work, I went to pull away from a roundabout and there was no power!
Rang the dealer and said they would call me back, 3 hours later I called again and asked what the hell am I to do, They said as I am still having problems they would ask another branch 8< snip to have a look as they had more specialised equipment,
Took it to the other branch friday 8.30am told them the history with the first dealer and that I was to bring the car here because they have more specialist equipment, they said "we have the same equipment as the first dealer you went to, It's just we know how to use it!"
So, Monday pm and still they have my car and will have tomorrow as well, said that there were pages of code and that the fault lies around the boost pressure circuit so the turbo isnt kicking in, and at the moment they are trying to work out how to fix it!!!

Is this typical of Vauxhall?

Your thoughts or advice is appreciated.


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04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - Screwloose

Is that typical of Vauxhall - very! [Topbloke excepted - of course.]

Sounds as though they got boost/baro implausible relationship codes. The baro sensor adjusts the fuelling for altitude [not exactly essential for the first garage I'd have thought...]

So they finally got around to changing the boost [MAP] sensor; only to trigger a more serious problem that has set "pages" of codes? A faulty turbo maybe? [Or did they not replace a hose properly...?]

Faulty MAF sensors; vacuum pump and turbo control solenoid faults can never be ruled out either.

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04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - topbloke
any chance of some codes, the first problem sounds like a general glowplug error second fault sounds like a vac issue but some codes would help, ask them or have a look on your first invoice. ps don't part with any more money
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - blondegypsy
Hi Thanks,
no codes on invoice
Well.... phoned the garage continuously,
They have now told me (@4pm) that it is the turbo waste pipe? but the whole mounting would need replacing?
I says how much?
He says dunno ill find out exactly what parts are needed?!???!!!!!!
and he doesnt know how long till they can get the parts?

so I am leaving work now to pick the car up

what the hell do I do now?

04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - Screwloose

Drive it round to the front and trade it in....?
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - blondegypsy


04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - topbloke
i would think that he meant turbo waste gate this is vac operated and on start up is pulled shut so as to give max boost, on over boost this gate is regulated (opened slightly) to dump excess presure, the problem may be that the wastegate has seized or the capsule (the bit that pulls the gate shut) has given up the ghost all this is a best guess,i would get a written diagnosis and post it on here and we will do our best to advise you, i dont see how that the light only comes on at start up and if you turn the vehicle off and restart that it will run okay either the wastegate in knackered or not

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04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - topbloke
ps i would insist on all codes being recorded on your invoice and posted on this forum also
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - blondegypsy
HI Thanks,

The light does not come on any more, changing the boost pressure sensor cured that,
but obviously triggered this issue.
I said to the service tech that this issue has only arisen since the BP sensor was changed,
He said that the sensor had now done its job properly and that the correct pressure has pushed the"already faulty" turbo part over the edge,

I am finding it hard to get my head around the way this has been technicaly approached.
I would have expected A "vauxhall service dept" to accurately diagnose the problem on my vauxhall vehicle with their (trained?) vauxhall staff and specialist equipment.

I shall insist on the codes and will post,

Thanks for your advice,
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - trainee saab 'n' vauxhall
unsure if it just the place i work, but we would get a 'Tech 2' ( genuine saab and vauxhall diagnostics machine) and see what codes that brings up, as it normaly brings up diffrent and correct codes to other equipment,
this would have surely found the boost pressure fault, but upon giving this code, we(my place of work) would also manually check the turbo as to make sure that it is not just boost pressure sensor, you could check the turbo yourself simply by taking of a air hose to the turbo and checking for any free play within the turbo mechanism, and also by starting up your vehicle and getting someone to rev it up to around 3,500 rpm and check that the waste gate is also woking as this could be an issue, by revving up the engine it should engage the turbo openin the waste gate, this can clearly be seen via a push rod moving as the vehicle revs,

just a couple of ways to check for a turbo fault yourself,

however upon saying this, it could just be something a little as a vacuum pipe not seated correctly else where,

hope this helps.
04 2.0 DTi, EML comes on at start up. - Susie_79
Back in June I started my car in the morning and it had very little power (as if turbo had gone) within a day it was kicking out smoke and I was advised the turbo was faulty. I had a new turbo fitted for £310, only to be told the mass air flow sensor and solenoid had gone and the valves needed cleaning out due to the amount of oil dragged through the system (a further £260). I had the work done with a garage in Cannock and the car was returned to me but other than it not smoking thats all that was different. The car would not go above 4,000 revs when stationary and it turned out that the garage had not fitted the vacuum pipes correctly (back to front) and after correcting this I now have full revs.

I had a diagnostics carried out and was given 3 error codes :
(P1125 critical system malfunction 1)
(P0400 critical system malfunction 2)
(P1635 glow device general error)

I have been to a local vauxhall supplier who has been great in allowing me to try various new parts to eliminate the turbo not working but still nothing. I have tried a new mass air flow sensor, EGR valve and vacuum sensor but still the turbo is not kicking in. The only other problem that could be causing the lack of power could lie within the vacuum pipes (if there is a split) or the bungs which they fit on to.

I have already paid over £500 so far and cannot afford to pay another technician to look at the car, does anyone have any idea what I can do next to resolve the issue? I am fed up with being told its different parts and spending money on them only to still have the same problem!!

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