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Facelift - Bonnet Release. (2005) - Fullchat
Anyone have any knowledge of these??. My car is an 05 model.
To try and cut a long story short. My car has a plastic rod that runs between the lock in the grill and the release mechanism. It appears self adjusting and spring loaded although mine does not have a spring.
The rod keeps dropping off at the grill end. Making bonnet opening very difficult!!
Have been to the dealership for a replacement and all they can find after inputing my reg no into the parts system is a kit which has a short cable between the lock and release mechanism. It is clearly different and shoulders are being shrugged. I even ordered the kit just in case the picture was not realistic. Completely different. I had to get the 'saturday' parts lady to have a word with the technicians but that did not produce any positive results. It really is frustrating as it must be a common problem.
Does anyone know if the part has been has been modified? If so does the new kit fit what appears to be an old system.

Here is a picture I have found of the kit I was offered:

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Facelift - Bonnet Release. (2005) - touranuser
Had exactly the same thing happen to me today, with ford offering me a kit which doesnt look like it will fit. Eventually repaired it myself by drilling a small hole through the rod at the end where it connects with the lock mechanism, threaded an unfurled paper clip through the hole and tightened this around the ball that protrudes from locking mechanism where the rod joins it.
Facelift - Bonnet Release. (2005) - Fullchat
Thanks. Will have to look at that as an option. Am surprised that none of the parts staff has said. "Yes sir its an upgrade and will fit your locking system that was dire!"
Facelift - Bonnet Release. (2005) - highflier
fullchat, how did you get the bonnet open to repair the lock?, mine is locked closed and the key is just turning freely,

regards, graham.

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