2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - inskip
I have a May07 a6 avant with xenon and steering 'linked' lights. I travel to France twice each month and noww winter is here am using the car in the dark in France. Audi say that I cannot use headlight deflectors due to the heat generated by the lights and don't know whether there is an adjuster to switch the lights from LHD to RHD.
Nothing in the manual.
Can you help. Audi say take it in to the dealer every time I need to change. Apart from the costs, the practicalities of this are ridiculous.
Can you help?

Great car by the way.

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2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - BobG
Don't know if it helps but I drive a Renauly with xenons and projector style lenses and I was given this advice from Renault after the dealer said that to change the beams from lhd to rhd would take about 1 hour of labour before and after each trip!

They suggested that although much brighter than normal halogens that they are rated at only 30something watts and in fact generate very little heat so the sticky beam bending devices should work well enough. The only real problem is that they are fine for the laden trips out but as soon as I want to go out at night with an unladen car the position is wrong due to the self levelling.
2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - Smileyman
I've just returned from France in my Primera with Xenons. I used the plastic 'beam bender' to deflect the light from left to right. Actually cut the thing into 1/4 saving the rest for future use. (it is designed for such). It stuck on the plastic lens with double sided tape that was supplied in situ.

Whilst not 100% perfect, it did deflect light from left to right and I consider a superior option than blacking out a section of the beam thus reducing light output.

Owing to weather / night driving my headlamps were on for most of the time car was being driven - about 1300 miles.

Not sure about the levelling aspect, the EC ruled that all Xenons have auto levelling system, I did not notice much difference when car was laden or not, the Primera appears to have similar style lens for both xenon and halogen lamps, not projector type.

2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - photo_wizzard
I am buying an Allroad with the same steering xenon headlights. I find it incredible that Audi do not have a system of switching the lights easily from RHD to LHD. It is precisely the kind of car that people want in order to travel across borders.

I am trading in a Saab 9-3 Sportwagon with xenons and that has the same limitation.

I did actually drive that car across Europe without using any beam deflectors and I never got flashed once. I think the beam is pretty accurate and less spread than older lights, perhaps it's not deemed necessary.

Any thoughts?

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2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - Collos25
I was under the impression that zenon lights did not need changing when I enquired regarding the zenons on a laguna I was told that no mods were reqired.
2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - 659FBE
I'm pretty sure you will find your Audi lights can be reset for RH dipping - most Hella projector lamps have "tourist" levers. The problem is, VAG don't want you going in there and make a good job of hiding them.

I had this issue with my '05 Skoda Superb (Hella projector lights) and the dealer's response was "bring it in, we'll remove the lamps, reset and refit - all for GBP100". So, GBP200 per trip. Not on your life.

There's nothing quite like having a look for yourself. If you remove the bulb change access hatch from the rear of the units, the levers are there but hard to get at - not impossible though. They work (obviously) on the dipped beam lamp but the trick on the Superb is to access them from the hatch for full beam.

All you need is an old screwdriver with a bend in it and - hey presto - the levers click nicely into position. They are "handed" so you move them in opposite directions for L & R. If you shine the lights onto a wall whilst you do it for the first time, it's obvious how they go. They work by moving a pivoted shutter across the focussing lens which is rocked over to remove the assymetric "wedge" of light on the LHS.

Access will vary, but on the PD diesel Superbs, the LHS takes 30 secs and the RHS about 2 mins as the air inlet trunking has to come off. I did mine in the ferry queue.

Perhaps this should have gone in the "VAG dealer rip-off" thread.


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2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - speedy gonzales
No, according to the manual, and everyone I have spoken to, the A6 has to go back to the dealer and the lights are reset on the computerised system there apparently. Cost me over £100 to get them set for motoring in France, and I have to say that they were then rubbish - very poor dip beam, and a big 'hole' in the main beam. I was glad to get back home and get them reset (fortunately they didn't charge me to reset as I complained....) I understand that all Audi xenon lamps are the same - contrast that with my previous BMW X5 - just a quick flick of the lever on each lamp unit to change it over - used to take 2 mins before I drove off the ferry!
I now just use a piece of opaque duck tape stuck on the lamps each time I go to France - not great, but not £100 either!
Are the plastic beam deflectors better?
2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - PaulL
I am puzzled by the initial post. I drive in the UK using 'continental' lamps set to the tourist position and I can't tell the difference to UK lamps.
A xenon headlamp has a metal plate, very close to the discharge lamp, which comes up when dip is selected. The plate is essentially horizontal, apart from a very small cutout to allow for a 'kick-up' to illuminate the left hand kerb. For driving on the right that cutout is blocked and now the beam is horizontal.
The changeover bar easy to operate with the headlamp unit on the bench, but a nightmare on the car. From memory the air filter needs to come off and I think the power steering reservoir but this probably varies according to engine. Remove the rectangular cover which provides access to the main headlamp (as apart from the round one which removes the indicator). Inside you can feel a bar which moves up and down. Just change its position.
If you can change it on the ferry in the five minutes they give you before you drive off you have more flexible joints than me!
The really irritating thing is that the bar has little hole in it as though Hella (who make them) intended a bowden cable idea to do this remotely.

P.S. Beam deflectors won't work on xenon discharge headlamps.
2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - Hamsafar

Channel 010: Tourist Solution
When driving in countries where driving is performed on the opposite side as in the native country the headlights must be changed over to avoid blinding the oncoming traffic. When active/enabled the Fault Code 02988 will be stored.

0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
Note: Only supported for 8P0-907-357-C @ 0020 or newer! Earlier versions require a mechanical Adjustment as described in the Factory Repair Manual.

To change over Bi-Xenon headlights for European driving using VAG-COM. 24-Mar-08
Select Control Module - Select 55 Xenon Range - Select Adaptation - 10
Channel Number - Use the up arrow to move up to Channel 10
New Value - use the up and down arrow to change the ?0? to ?1? - Click Save to store the new value
A yellow Headlight Range Error should be displayed on the DIS together with a beep.
This will beep and show each time the ignition is turned on as a warning that the headlights are set
for European Driving.
An Fault Code will also be added to the log and can be checked using?
Select Control Module ? Module 55 ? Xenon Range ? Fault Codes - 02
VAG-COM Version: Release 704.1
Address 55: Xenon Range
Control Module Part Number: 8P0 907 357 F
Component and/or Version: Dynamische LWR H02 0010
Software Coding: 0000012
Work Shop Code: WSC 06314
2 Faults Found:
01539 - Headlights Not Adjusted
005 - No or Incorrect Basic Setting / Adaptation - MIL ON
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 11100101
Fault Priority: 2
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 217
Mileage: 24632 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2008.03.24
Time: 14:47:09
02988 - Left-Hand/Right-Hand Traffic Switchover Active
000 - - - MIL ON
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 11100000
Fault Priority: 2
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 217
Mileage: 24632 km
Time Indication: 0
Date: 2008.03.24
Time: 16:52:41
Channel 09 may need to be changed from ?0? to ?1? for the warning to show and changed back

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2007 - headlight adjustment use in Europe - Peter D
They are adjustable. There are two versions in this period. One has a lever inside the headlight unit, but you have to remove the steering fluid header tank and the airfilter the back of the head lights and the HID connector to reveal the lever if you have one. The units with out the lever are adjustable via Vag-com if you know what you are doing. Regards Peter

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